Women's silver jewelry set with round Czech meteorite stone moldavite, vltavin

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5 mm
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Jewelry sets
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The set includes: Silver earrings with vltavin on the clasp, Silver ring with vltavin

Destination: for women
Earrings size: 0 mm × 5 mm × 5 mm

Color of stone: green

Kind of stone : moldavite

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  • Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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The magic of the cosmos is now with you

Every person is unique, but when it comes to jewelry, everything is different here. Hundreds of similar products from the same metal and with repetitive stones. When you first began to be interested in this, several jewels appeared in the collection, but now you have cooled down to them. But it will be a really unique evening soon – sister’s wedding. And you want to look marvelous on this special day.

Finally, you have found an elegant set that enchants with its exquisite design and endearing with the high quality of work along with its uniqueness. 

Czech masters created an amazing alloy of precious metal, 925 silver and an exclusive stone - Vltavin, conquering with rich green color and graceful play of light. An exquisite ring with a frame in the shape of an infinity symbol ideally combines with a charming mineral and forms a magnificent tandem with earrings from the set. Definitely, this image will be ideal for any event. But this is only the beginning.

Mineral from the space

One of the legends of Vltavin origin says that a meteorite fell near Stuttgart, and its fragments fell into the Czech river Moldau (the second name of the mineral is Moldavit). Centuries later, jewelers managed to make a real work of art from it. And you can buy genuine stone only here. Rich green color has a powerful energy and actively affects the heart chakra. Such stimulation allows you to get rid of heart disease, and also helps get rid of the "closeness" and build relationships with other people. Moreover, the stone is very useful for tuning to meditation, because it calms the nerves and contributes to the exit to the astral and communication with the cosmic mind. 

Proven and positive effect of Vltavin on the body of the owner. It helps to get rid of a headache, improves vision, normalizes blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. In addition, the stone strengthens the nerves, helps the body rejuvenate, strengthens sleep, and also activates the internal potential and vital energy. Conveniently, it is suitable for all signs of the zodiac and helps everyone in their own way.

925 silver attracts not only with charming brilliance, but also with magical properties. Lunar metal reliably protects from the evil eye and the evil force, it helps to purify energy and strengthen the aura. In addition, the ions are able to excrete toxins from the body, normalize the metabolism or kill the germs on the skin. Women with silverware find an aura of mystery, an aura of sexuality and attractiveness in the eyes of men.

You are on the way with us

The reserves of the unique mineral are over. So you should hurry with the purchase of a set of silver jewelry with a Vltavine in the shape of a circle and do it with us. Because we offer the best conditions:

· Communication with suppliers. Just a few days, and the products will already be in the hands thanks to the prompt delivery service. Rest assured, the price will surprise you, and the stone will be real, because we cooperate directly with the Czech branch;

· Quality assurance. These products will not grow dim and will not lose their luster even years later. Special wired coating reliably protects from scratches and mechanical damage;

· Delight in the eyes. The set is perfect for your look and make any outfit harmonious. Original details allows you to become a role model and trendsetter;

· Magic for change. Together with beauty, you get a strong energy of stone, which will reveal the inner potential and help to strengthen your health.

Feel personally the magical energy and beauty of the cosmos.

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