How to measure ring size

Dear buyers! If you're unsure about your ring size, follow the simple instructions in this article.

You will need:

  • ruler, if it is not there, enter “line online” in the search or download the application to your phone.
  • thread, ribbon, or thin rope. It is important that they are not elastic, otherwise, the result will not be accurate. You can also cut off a strip of paper.

How to measure a ring size at home

Method 1

Wrap your finger with a thread so that it does not squeeze it and fix the result. Now check if the thread goes through the widest joint on the finger. First of all, the ring should go there.

how to measure a ring size at homehow to measure ring size at home

Unroll the thread and measure its length on a ruler to the nearest millimeter.

how to measure a ring size home

Divide the resulting length by 3.14. For example, you got a length of 53.5 mm. Then the required diameter will be:

53.5 mm : 3.14 = 17 mm

See the table for the results. Please note that the measuring grid is different in different countries.

In the morning and evening, the hands swell a little, so the best time to determine the size is the middle of the day. Also keep in mind that in hot and cold weather, as well as after physical exertion, the size of the finger may vary slightly. The same fingers on different hands can have different sizes!

Method 2

Measure the size using the existing ring. Lay the ring on paper and circle it with a thin pen on the inside. Then measure the diameter with a ruler. You can also put the ring on a ruler, but the result will be inaccurate

how to measure ring size home

See the results in the table

Chart ring size

chart ring size