Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone
The price of moldavite has increased by more than 30%
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Some facts you need to know about us:

1 Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone.

It is about 15 million years old and is found on Earth less often than a diamond! Its reserves are decreasing every day, which makes it especially valuable and unique.

All our stones are from the two oldest factories in the Czech Republic, they are rare jewels and a good investment. The price of moldavite has increased by more than 30% in the last two years.

We can send jewelry to a gemological laboratory (paid service) to confirm the originality of stones and metals. We are confident in the quality of all our products, so we do not specifically select jewelry before checking.

2 All jewelry has several seals

Metal - 925 silver or 585 gold, test of the Czech state control for jewelry - if necessary, our test of the brand A-B

3 We are registered in the Slovak Jewelry Chamber and have all the necessary documents.

Our signature on certificates and invoices is legally binding.

4 If you do not like the jewelry, you can return it under the terms of return.

Choose only verified jewelry and joy yourself.




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