Set of silver jewelry with natural circle garnet

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The set includes: Silver pendant with natural garnet, Silver earrings with natural garnet

Destination: for women
Pendant size: 0 mm × 0 mm ×15 mm

Color of stone (pearls): dark red

Kind of stone (pearls): garnet

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43 eur.
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Magic stone’s charm.

It is very important to find a suitable talisman that will protect throughout life. Previously, you did not really believe in these stories, but now you are convinced that you were right in your own experience. Yesterday evening was just great - you managed to hold a productive meeting with partners and make a good deal. In the evening, the young man finally decided, and made an offer. On the one hand, this is amazing, but deep down you know the secret.

As an ideal choice, a set of silver jewelry with natural garnet. The original design of the ring goes well with both a strict business suit and a light evening dress. High quality work of Czech masters and a pleasant brilliance of precious metal. And the real cherry on the cake is a stylish silver pendant decorated with a scattering of garnets. And this magnificence not only enchants with beauty, but also provides reliable energy protection and promotes good health.

More than just decoration

Silver jewelry has always attracted a pleasant brilliance and noble color. Metal, born under the auspices of the Moon, is a reliable guard against evil forces and is able to protect against the evil eye or slander. People believed that silver gives the owner a strong intuition and foresight, helps to clean the energy and strengthen the aura. In addition, metal ions contribute to the removal of toxins from the body and normalization of the internal organs. Such products are universal and are great for almost any sign of the zodiac. 

Pomegranate decorations are an ideal choice for honest, courageous and active people, but Pisces, Taurus or Capricorns are the best in harmony with it. The stone has a strong energy, it is able to give the owner courage and confidence, bring happiness and harmony in personal life.

Garnet has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, helps normalize blood pressure, and helps cure rheumatism and joint problems. There is a positive effect on the hormonal and endocrine systems, help in problems with light, headaches, skin diseases or allergic reactions. Natural red stone is an excellent source of internal energy, strength and confidence.

The most preferred option

There are many offers on the online stores, but the leader is always the same. And this is our store, because we offer the best conditions buying a set of silver jewelry with natural garnet:

· Practicality and durability. Be sure that even after years the jewelry will look beautiful and fascinate with alluring glitter. The secret is in a special rhodium coating that protects from scratches, darkening or mechanical damage;

· Elegance and style. Elegant design is perfect for any, even the most sophisticated event. High quality workmanship and excellent play of light will help to become a model of fashion and attract admiring glances everywhere; · Internal strength and self-confidence. The energy properties of metal and stone will help solve problems with diseases, improve health and improve emotional state. In addition, it is a great talisman against unkind looks;

· Get ​​ready to become a happy owner. Our store offers the best prices, and prompt delivery service ensures that the goods will be on your doorstep just a few days after placing the order.

Gain self-confidence and get strong internal energy.



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