Silver circle earrings with natural round garnet

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jewelry earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (garnet): red
decoration type: clasp
stone type (garnet): natural

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Garnet earrings - a perfect jewelry at a good price

Antioxidant rhodium coating. Silver 925/1000.

Garnet silver earrings will decorate both young girls and older women. The earrings are made of 925 silver and processed with rhodium plating, creating the effect of white gold on the surface. In addition to aesthetic perception, the coating is hypoallergenic, earrings do not leave dark spots or stripes on the ears.

Universal earrings with pyrope from Zlatkaeu online store

The earrings are decorated with a small stone, mined by industrialists in the Czech Middle Mountains and cut with modern high-precision equipment. Czech garnets, small in size, are distinguished from imported ones by sensual wine-red color, symbolizing this European country.

Pyrop (the type of used garnet) is distinguished by the play of light, similar to a hidden fire in the depth of a stone, which can admire even a sophisticated jewelry connoisseur. On the other hand, the small size and lack of pretentiousness will make these earrings among the most beloved ones, they are suitable for everyday wear. A semi-precious inset on a silver base makes the earrings unpretentious and acceptable for daytime use. They can also be left as the only decoration for an evening pastime: a fire drop will complement the deep tones of a cocktail or evening dress, creating an aura of magic and mysticism around the owner.

The symbolism of the product for a woman combines hidden passion, passionate character, self-confidence and cosmic associations. The thin circumference of the product can be compared with the orbit of the Sun, which incorporates a semi-precious pyrope. Simple and sensual decoration for any modern fashionista. A small dark stone, extracted from the bowels of the Earth, processed in its original form, carries a mystery and spreads its influence on all the fans surrounding the owner, making it a model of feminine beauty and mystery.

Clasp earrings French type. A small loop-clip below will prevent the loss of earrings in the turmoil of urban everyday life.

Product Advantages:

Outer beauty;

Insert - real Czech garnet (pyrope);

The material - silver;

Convenient - French clasp;

Low weight.

The product is light, simple to wear, suitable for business and everyday style and does not delay the earlobe.

Product Care

The product is simple and sustainable. However, mechanical damage during storage should be avoided, including “proximity” with other metal and plastic products. Do not subject to sudden changes in temperature during cleaning, which can lead to damage to the stone. Clean with soapy water in cool water without mechanical impact. Pomegranate should not be removed from the mount. If polishing is necessary, contact a professional jewelry workshop.