• For Slovakia and the Czech Republic - payment is possible upon receipt

All other countries can pay

  • by bank account
  • via Paypal (with buyer protection - the money is stored by Paypal and in case of a dispute can be returned to you, without our participation)
  • by card online on the site (Also through the Paypal service)

Details and invoice will be sent on the day of order, after the reservation of the goods and the necessary clarifications.

If our product did not suit you, we are ready to return the funds to you. Return is possible within 14 days after receipt.



You can return the item within 14 days after receiving the package. To process a return, you need to contact us and indicate the reason. Take a photo of the product, the contents of the parcel and send it to us. You can send the goods within 14 days, previously agree with us. When sending, take a photo of the postage bill and send it to us along with the track.

Return conditions:


  • Jewelry belongs to a special group of goods that come in contact with the skin. For subsequent sale, they must be prepared and professionally cleaned by a jeweler. The cost of this service is 10 euros. We will deduct this amount from the total refund amount.
  • The cost of making a custom-made ring is 7 euros. We will deduct this amount from the total cost of the return.
  • Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Please note that the item must be returned exactly as it was sent with the gift box, inserts and gifts.
  • The cost of the gift box is 5 euros. If the buyer returns the item without it, this amount will be deducted from the total refundable amount.

Once the item is received, we will refund you within 30 days.

In case of deliberate damage to the goods, the funds will not be returned to the buyer.

Check the goods at the post office. Open the parcel in the presence of a postal worker. If the integrity of the packaging is broken and the decoration is broken, fix it in the mail. Take a photo of the item and the postage bill. Register the damage to the goods at the post office. We are ready to assist in reimbursing you funds.

All parcels are carefully packed and transported with care, so that you receive your jewelry safe and sound. Zlatka shop makes every effort to ensure that you remain delighted.

Loss of parcels and accidents

If the buyer has not received the parcel after 21 business days from the specified delivery date at the post office, then the parcel is considered lost. 
In this case, the client notifies the seller and writes a letter at the post office about the loss of the parcel. The seller writes a similar letter.

Within 14 working days after sending the request, a response comes from the post.

If the parcel is not found, the seller sends a similar product or equal in value as agreed with the client, at his own expense and assumes the delivery costs. 

You agree to these terms when you place an order in our store. The seller is not responsible if the parcel is lost due to emergencies.