Women's Silver Circle Pendant with Czech Garnet

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Silver pendant with natural Czech garnet.
Pendant size 15 mm.
Silver is coated with a rhodium-plated coating that does not cause allergic reactions.

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Bohemian Garnet Pendant in Zlatkaeu Online Store

A woman always wants to be beautiful and feel confident. But today you face a really difficult task. First you need to be present at a business meeting, then go to a tea party with friends, and in the evening you will have a romantic date. And everywhere it is important to look harmonious and charming. But combining this, in theory, conflicting events is extremely difficult. However, you already know the solution.

A beautiful female silver pendant with Czech garnet is perfect for any event. It is in perfect harmony with both a business suit and casual wear or a cocktail dress. Thanks to its sophisticated design, you can create the perfect look and make the best impression. A high quality workmanship and reasonable price have made this pendant your favorite in the jewelry world.

Small pendant with red pyrope - low price and high quality

Creating this masterpiece, Czech master jewelers spent a lot of energy, but the result exceeded all expectations. The pendant of the finest work delights with its elegant design and high quality work. Noble shine of metal charms and attracts at first sight. And don’t worry, silver will not get scratched or tarnish over the years due to its rhodium coating.

It is important that this "lunar metal" is perfect for all signs of the zodiac and has no contraindications. Moreover, silver has strong protective properties and protects the owner from thieves, crooks, evil eye or libel. And people with strong abilities help develop intuition and the gift of foresight. Silver favorably affects the body, helping to eliminate toxins, normalize the functioning of internal organs, rejuvenate the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Pyrope is a special Czech variety of garnet, characterized by a dark red tint. This gemstone is “born” under the element of fire and is great for Aries, Sagittarius and Lions. Moreover, his energy makes a person more courageous, active, helping to overcome laziness and overcome his own fears. It is believed that garnet has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system and liver. People wearing such jewelry are less likely to experience problems with blood pressure, heart disease, and headaches.

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