Silver ring with oval garnet, pyrope

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Fantastic combination of contrasts

The fire garnet stone has been considered a symbol of wisdom, power, love and passion since ancient times. Its unusual bright color has won the hearts of many fashionistas and jewelry lovers. This silver garnet ring is a great addition to any look. It can be worn every day, combined with clothing in red, black, white or burgundy. For a special occasion, you can add garnet earrings and a pendant to your look. A bright stone will become the main accent of your outfit. Such decoration will appeal to an active, proactive and temperamental girl. Garnets are chosen by people of creative professions for inspiration and a charge of positive energy.

The legend of the garnet

Georgian legend is one of the most beautiful versions of the origin of the garnets. One day the king decided to find a worthy groom for his only daughter. But before that, he decided to test the future son-in-law. The groom had to get three fruits of the pomegranate tree, which grew in the middle of a lifeless desert and was guarded by evil spirits. The brave young man passed all the tests, but when he returned home he found that the king was seriously ill, and the country was in ruin and hunger. Then the young man opened the first pomegranate fruit, and the king immediately recovered. When he opened the second fruit, gardens bloomed in the country, which saved people from hunger. And from the third fruit, precious stones, similar to pomegranate seeds, fell and scattered around the world. Since then, everyone who finds a garnet seed will receive love and prosperity.

How to care for silver and garnet jewelry

  • Protect the stone from impacts and drops to prevent scratches and abrasions.
  • Do not expose the ring to household chemicals, detergents, alcohol and hairspray.
  • Remove the ring before washing dishes and cleaning the house. It is better if you put on the ring before going out and take it off when you come home.
  • Store the ring in a cloth bag, separate from other jewelry. Protect it from sudden changes in temperature and high humidity.
  • Wash in warm soapy water and rinse under running water. Do not clean the ring with toothpaste, powder, or hard brushes.

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