Silver earrings with oval garnet
Code: CS-107542040

Silver earrings with oval garnet

Code: CS-107542040

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Garnet earrings
English lock
With stones
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Unique Czech garnet earrings - best price

Antioxidant rhodium finish. Silver 925/1000.
Silver earrings with garnets of various shapes. Each earring has 4 inserts - natural Czech garnets: three small stones of round cut in solid setting and a large classic oval-shaped stone.

The secrets of cutting stones are kept by the best Czech grinders in secret for many centuries. They save the natural beauty of the natural stone, create unique reflections of light on its faces. At the same time, the fire of burning coals of deep red color will appear both in daylight and in artificial light.

The blind setting of small stones prevents their falling out. Features of their attachment make them visually darker, which once again underlines the impeccability of the wedge faces of large stones, which reliably "sit" in polished krapanovoy tack. Its simplicity and ease in full allows you to enjoy bursts of fire in the depths of the stone with gleams of rays.

Product Features:

Classic design;
Natural stones;
Type of  garnet - pyrope;
925 silver coated.

Buying earrings with pyrope in Zlatkaeu online store is a good idea

The clasp of earrings is comfortable, thin, French type, reinforced with a clip. The product is quite light. High quality European ligature alloys of silver used for casting the base make it durable, reliable and wear-resistant. A galvanic rhodium coating is applied to the surface: it preserves the base noble metal from the effects of atmospheric impurities, organic oxidation and sulfonation.

The natural beauty of the stones will emphasize the charm of the owner with an oval or round face shape. The elongated oval of the main insert with grenades visually lengthens the face. Rich red color will set off the beauty of brown or green eyes. Having chosen this accessory for open evening wear of dark tones or elegant light-colored dress, you will not go wrong showing your hidden passion in the image. At the same time, the earrings are also suitable for everyday wear, they do not peresevaet street style or business casual costumes, give an aristocratic look to the image.

According to beliefs, a grenade brings good luck and protects from enemies, is a symbol of love and passion. By making such a non-binding gift in the form of a pair of refined and noble classic earrings, you will unwittingly establish the inextricable link between you.

Use and care of the product.

Avoid mechanical impact. Prolonged use of this accessory as a base (for everyday wear) can lead to micro-chips on the edges of the garnet, which will be eliminated in any jewelry workshop. To clean the surface of the base, the bow and the stones, use a cloth moistened with soap or alcohol solution, and gently dry with a soft cloth for further storage.


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