Silver jewelry set with round Czech moldavite, vltavin

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Material: 925 sterling silver

Earrings stone size: 6x6 mm

Earring Weight: 1.6g

Earrings Type: Carnations

Ring stone size: 6x6 mm

Ring Weight: 1.6g

Brand Name: A-B

Production: Czech Republic

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  • Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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Silver jewelry set with round Moldavite - perfection and grace

A set of high quality 925 sterling silver will be a great addition to your look. Jewelry can be worn every day or reserved for a special occasion. Sophisticated design make it a universal decoration. Exquisite green Moldavite will emphasize femininity and help create a mysterious charming image. The size of the stone is 6x6 mm - the perfect combination of luxury and modesty. The weight of each product is 1.6 g, which means you can not be afraid of the deformation of your favorite jewelry. Silver plated with rhodium. Therefore, the product acquires a noble shine and does not lose its beauty. Rhodium increases the strength of the material, protects it from stains and darkening. Therefore, you can not be afraid that your favorite jewelry will lose its luster and charm.

Moldavite - Czech meteorite

More than 15 million years ago, the Earth experienced a collision with a meteorite, as a result, the cosmic stone Moldavite was born. Primitive people who made the first jewelry with a heavenly stone understood its value. Moldavite was also valued by the crowned persons. Elizabeth II received as a gift a crown decorated with Moldavite surrounded by black pearls and diamonds. Today collectors are hunting for Moldavite. Its reserves are limited and constantly decreasing. The rising cost of stone has spawned many fakes in the jewelry market. Most often, fraudsters offer bottle glass instead of Moldavite.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

  • The real Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic, because a meteorite fell there 15 million years ago.
  • Moldavite has a rich green color, not bright like glass.
  • The surface of the stone has grooves and scratches, the real stone contains impurities, so its color is heterogeneous.
  • Moldavite has interspersed bubbles and a heterogeneous surface. The original mineral cannot be made perfectly smooth.

Silver Care

  • Do not allow products to come in contact with household chemicals and detergents.
  • Remove jewelry before taking a bath, going to the sauna and gym.
  • Store silver in a dry velvet bag.
  • Rinse in warm water and polish with a flannel cloth.
  • For heavy soiling, use a special rhodium silver cleaner.

Shipping and payment

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  • We work on a prepayment and cash on delivery basis.
  • Shipping: from 2-9 euro.
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Credit Card.
  • The product is certified, made in the Czech Republic.

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