Set of silver jewelry, ring, earrings and pendant with round Czech Moldavite, Vltavin

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Jewelry sets
Stone form:

Material: 925 sterling silver

Earrings stone size: 6x6 mm

Earring Weight: 1.6 g

Earrings Type: Carnations

Ring stone size: 6x6 mm

Ring Weight: 1.6 g

Pendant stone size: 5x5 mm

Pendant Weight: 1.3 g

Brand Name: A-B

Production: Czech Republic

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  • Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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Silver with Moldavite - grace and perfection

Silver earrings, a ring and a pendant with Moldavite create an exquisite and finished look. This set is the embodiment of impeccable taste, grace and tenderness. The sparkle of green stone framed by silver will emphasize your femininity and sophistication. Jewelry will be a great addition to your everyday look. A small amount of jewelry is a sign of modesty and good taste. A ring, earrings and a pendant are all that is needed for a confident and ambitious girl.The set is made of high quality silver with a rhodium-plated coating, which guarantees the strength and high wear resistance of the product. Rhodium is valued for its noble platinum shine, protective and hypoallergenic properties. Silver with its coating is protected from external influences and will retain its appearance for a long time.

Silver care

  • Remove jewelry before going to the gym, pool, and sauna.
  • Remove jewelry and wait for the cosmetics to dry completely (body lotions, hand creams)
  • Protect silver from contact with alcohol and alcohol-containing products (such as perfumes).
  • Remove jewelry before cleaning and washing up. It should not be in contact with household chemicals.
  • Store silver in a flannel or suede pouch or in a casket lined with velvet.
  • Rinse jewelry in warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.

Do not use brushes, toothpaste and soda to clean!

Moldavite is a gift of the Universe

Moldavite is called a Czech meteorite. His appearance on Earth is associated with the intervention of higher forces. The stone was created by 4 elements - Water, Earth, Air and Fire, so it has magical properties and a connection with the Cosmos. The stone gives its owner wisdom, tranquility and patience. It protects from evil, brings prosperity and prosperity to the house. Moldavite is recommended to be used to treat headaches, migraines and neurosis. It helps to create harmony and improve the welfare of the owner.

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