Set of silver jewelry, pendant and ring with round Czech Moldavite, vltavin

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Jewelry sets
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Material: 925 sterling silver

Earrings stone size: 6 x 6 mm

Earring Weight: 1.6 g

Earrings Type: Carnations

Ring stone size: 10 x 10 mm

Ring Weight: 3 g

Brand Name: A-B

Production: Czech Republic

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Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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Silver and Moldavite - a harmony of grandeur and sophistication

Magnificent green Moldavite combined with the noble brilliance of silver create an unsurpassed ensemble of jewelry art. Ornaments will help you to capture everyone's attention and shine in the rays of the sun with emerald shades of grandeur. A ring and earrings with Vltavin is a wonderful gift for a girl of any age. This is the embodiment of femininity, grace and good taste.

Whom should wear the jewelry

Stud earrings with a 6 x 6 mm Vltavin insert are ideal for girls with any face shape. This is a universal decoration. Designers recommend visually reducing the size of the ears and correcting the shape of the face with earrings - cloves. A ring with large Moldavite 10 mm x 10 mm will create a missing accent in the daily look. The form of infinity will eloquently tell about your feelings, as it is a symbol of love. The weight of the ring is 3 g, which allows you not to worry about its integrity.

Cosmic Stone Magic

Research scientists have proved that Moldavite does not contain particles of terrestrial origin. This confirmed the theory that the stone was created as a result of the collision of the Earth with the cosmic body. Moldavite is a fragment of the comet’s core, which fell to the earth 15 million years ago. Primitive people noticed his magical power. They made stone jewelry. Later, the stone was considered a symbol of fertility. Peasants buried it in the ground for a good harvest. And the guys gave future wives to get healthy offspring.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Moldavite or Vltavin got its name thanks to the Vltava River in the Czech Republic. There and in the surrounding areas are stone deposits. Vltavin reserves are limited and are constantly running out. This has spawned many fakes in the jewelry market. Often, fraudsters offer bottle glass instead of Moldavite. The original stone has a saturated green color, has a heterogeneous structure and contains grooves and blotches of bubbles. Each stone is unique, so jewelers try to preserve its natural beauty and do not undergo strong processing. A real Vltavin cannot be polished to the state of glass. Pay attention to this when buying jewelry.

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