Silver square pendant with Moldavite, Vltavin

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Stone Size:
6x6 mm
Stone Color:
Stone form:

Material: 925 sterling silver

Silver Plating: Rhodium

Weight: 1.1 g

Insert: Vltavin stone (Moldavite) - a fragment of a real meteorite.

Stone size: 6x6 mm

Stone color: green

Brand A-B

Production Czech Republic

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Moldavite pendant - a stylish and bold decision

A silver pendant with Moldavite in the shape of a square will be an excellent choice for active and confident women. This form of stone cutting attracts attention. Be prepared to receive many compliments and enthusiastic looks.

The pendant is made of high quality 925 silver and coated with rhodium. This hypoallergenic coating gives an expensive white shine to the metal. Rhodium is a noble metal that surpasses platinum in its durability. It increases the strength of the product, protects it from scratches and damage. Contact with skin does not cause allergic reactions or redness.

The weight of the pendant is 1.2 g, and the size of the stone is 7x7 mm. This is the best combination of grace, reliability and durability. Such a suspension will not break or deform during active wear, and the stone itself will shine brighter on you than a morning star.

The square shape of the cut - the choice of real princesses

Square-shaped stone cutting began to be developed in the middle of the last century. This method is called “Princess”, since the stone is worthy to adorn the royal people. More often a square cut is chosen for diamonds. With this method, the stone provides the highest level of diamonds.

Moldavite - a real stone from space

The history of Moldavite begins 15 million years ago. Near the Vltava River (Moldau), a cosmic body fell on the territory of modern Czech Republic. According to one theory, it was a comet and fragments of its core - the stone is Moldavite. According to another theory, a meteorite in a collision with terrestrial rock formed stone crystals. Moldavite reserves are limited. It has been mined for several centuries, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy stone every year. Collectors hunt for large samples, since it is considered a good object for investment.

How to distinguish moldavite from fake

  • Moldavite is mined only in the Czech Republic, stone from other places will definitely be a fake.

  • Moldavite is often replaced with bottle glass. This stone has a dark green color with interspersed bubbles and impurities.

  • The surface is heterogeneous with furrows and waves. It cannot be made smooth as glass.

  • Natural Moldavite is translucent, because it contains impurities.

How to care for a pendant

  • Any silver item should be stored in a dark, dry place.

  • If you want the pendant to serve you as long as possible, remove it upon arrival at home and store it in a velvet bag.

  • Once a month, clean the pendant. Soak it in soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth dampened in a solution of ammonia.

  • Once a week, the product can be washed under running water and wiped with a soft cloth.

  • The stone must be protected from pressure, drops and deformation.

Cosmic Stone Power

Moldavite is a mineral of extraterrestrial origin, therefore it has a connection with space. The stone contributes to the development of psychic abilities and intuition. It is recommended to wear it to reduce headaches, migraines, depression and nervousness. Astrologers say that Moldova patronizes all signs of the zodiac, he has a particularly strong connection with Aries and Cancers.

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