Silver earrings with square natural moldavite, vltavin

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Silver earrings with square natural moldavite, vltavin

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A spectacular element of your stylish look - silver earrings with Moldavite

There is a well-known expression that men arrived on the planet from Mars and women - from Venus. This is a joke, but charming girls are really beautiful and almost "extraterrestrial" creatures. Therefore, they need unique jewelry with the power of space. Such as exquisite silver earrings with natural vltavin.

This mineral is mined only in one place - near the Moldau River (hence the second name), which flows in southern Bohemia. The secret of this uniqueness is simple and interesting - the stone, for the most part, consists of melted meteorite glass that fell on the Earth with an asteroid. Moreover, esotericists believe that this mineral has great strength and a powerful connection with space.

It is believed that the deep green color is able to fascinate and give the owner supernatural abilities. For example, the owner can get the ability to predict the future and the gift of foresight. Moreover, this stone is able to protect against rash decisions and help curb hasty emotions.

Vltavin also has a beneficial effect on the human body and well-being. It is known that its energy positively affects the heart rhythm, favors the improvement of memory, helps to restore vision, helps to cope with headaches and chronic migraines. The owner of such jewelry gets rid of sleep problems, and his path to inner harmony becomes more pleasant and effective.

It is worth saying a few words about silver, chosen as a base. The noble metal is perfect for all signs of the zodiac and is important in esotericism. It is believed that silver is a wonderful talisman against damage, evil eye, and libel. In addition, the metal has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps to normalize the metabolism in the body, effectively removing toxins.

Moldavite has no contraindications from the point of view of astrology. Only Lions should wear it with care. The stone is able to help them control other people, which will lead to vanity. Pisces, Scorpions, Aquarius and Libra should wear such decorations on holidays. Their energy is too strong and can suppress the mineral. But for Virgins, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Taurus, this option is an excellent and universal choice.

Feel the inner harmony and confidence with the silver earrings with Moldavite purchased in our store.