Silver pendant with natural Czech moldavite and garnets

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Symphony of garnet and moldavite

Amazing pendant made of natural Czech moldavite and garnet. The jewelry combines the beauty and luxury of two of the most popular Czech stones. Jewelry is rightly considered a national treasure and pride of the country. In the Czech Republic, the names vltavin and pyrope are more common. These stones were worn by the rulers, they were presented as a sign of eternal love and faith. Today vltavin and pyrope win prizes at international exhibitions, and tourists take them home from Prague as souvenirs. You can become the owner of a unique pendant that combines the beauty and greatness of noble minerals. Complete the decoration with earrings the same series and you will receive a jewelry set that will become your family heritage.

History of noble stones

Moldavite was formed under the influence of four elements. The stone is over 14 million years old. It is believed that the green mineral is a fragment of a comet that did not burn up in the atmosphere and collided with the Earth in the Czech Republic. Natural moldavite contains inclusions of bubbles, which contain the cosmic atmosphere. Therefore, the stone is often used in meditation, as a talisman and for the development of intuition. Pyrope is freezed volcanic lava, it is called the blood of fire. Many legends and beliefs are associated with this stone. It is believed that Noah decorated the mast of his ship with a large garnet and that it lit the way during the Great Flood. During the Middle Ages, young men gave their beloved garnets as a confession of eternal love. Garnet does not tolerate injustice. There is a legend about a thief who stole jewelry with a garnet, and later found that they darkened and became ordinary stones.

Who should wear jewelry with garnet and moldavite

Pyrope garnet is a stone with a strong energy; it is chosen by actors, artists and musicians to gain inspiration. Recommended to be worn by people whose work is related to business trips for safe travel. It gives confidence, energizes and vitality. Perfect for bright, purposeful individuals who know what they want from life. Garnet  is passed from generation to generation, as its energy increases over the years. Moldavite is a stone of wisdom and harmony. It endows the owner with calmness, develops intuition and paranormal abilities. The mineral can be held in hand during public speaking, it charges with confidence and helps to influence people.

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