Silver dangle earrings with natural Czech moldavite and garnets

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 Garnet and moldavite - a symphony of contrasts

Natural moldavite, surrounded by a fire garnet, looks amazing. Two major Czech gems have created a stunning jewelry symphony. Together they combine luxury, grace and good taste. The elongated earrings are made of high quality rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. Bright garnet grains adorn the English clasp and gently surround the Czech meteorite - moldavite. The weight of both earrings is 5.5 grams, which indicates the high quality and reliability of the product. Complement the jewelry with a pendant of this series, and you will become the owner of a luxurious jewelry set that will brighten even the most modest image.


The pride of the Czech Republic - vltavin and garnet

The primary gems of the country are mined near the Vltava River, but they have different origins. Moldavite formed at the site of a meteorite fall. The garnet is created by petrification of volcanic lava. It is not surprising that many magical properties are attributed to stones. A rare stone can boast of such a noble origin. Moldavite is called the Czech meteorite, it is believed that it has a connection with space and endows its owner with wisdom and good intuition. The garnet  called "frozen blood of fire", it got its name because of the similarity with fruit seeds. The stone has a strong energy, it is often chosen by people of creative professions. It is believed that its strength increases when the jewelry is worn by members of the same family, which is why the garnet transfer from generation to generation as a family heritage.

How to care for your jewelry

• Stones should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature

• Do not wear earrings to the pool, gym, sauna or swimming pool

• After prolonged exposure to sunlight, put earrings in a dark place

• Store jewelry in a jewelry box wrapped in a soft cloth

• Do not drop, deform or apply strong pressure on stones

• Wash in warm soapy water, then dry with a soft cloth

• Do not use powder, soda or toothpaste for cleaning


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