Silver pendant with moldavite, vltavin in the shape of drop

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12x8 mm
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Jewelry: Pendant
Destination: for women
color of stone (pearls): green
type of stone (pearls): natural

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Unusual decoration - pendant with a green Czech meteorite

Silver pendant with natural vltavin 8x6 mm. The material is silver 925/1000. The pendand has a pure rhodium coating. The size of the pendant is 16 mm in height and 6 mm in width.

Pendant-drop with a natural vltavin size 16 × 6 mm

  The history of the stone, which became the centerpiece of this pendant, is as unusual as its appearance. The mystical mysterious fragment is one of the droplets formed in the atmosphere of the Earth as a result of a comet fragment falling onto its surface. For millions of years, this fragment has lain in the territory of the crater, the processes of natural etching for millions of years have given it color and unusual properties. Even being faceted in the form of a “drop” and perfectly polished, it has grooves, tubercles, small roughness, emphasizing its origin of history. The light scattered by such a stone does not give a sharp glare, it is charming, attractive, not frightening.

High quality Moldavite pendants from Zlatkaeu online store

There are no burrs or barbs on the pendant, it will not damage the skin or clothing. Places of adhesions of the connecting lugs are perfectly polished and homogeneous. The sharp corners of the stone (the top of the “drop”) are tightly wrapped around the mounts, the stone is perfectly balanced. The basis material of the pendant is 925 silver. The surface is coated with an electroplating alloy for additional protection and increased wear resistance: the pendant will not darken with time, will not lose its luster. Polishing is less subject to scratches and chemical attack.

The stone is cut according to the same technology as cut diamonds. The shape of a pear or a drop combines both the Marquis cut and the oval. This shape of pendant will create the illusion of an elongated neck. To do this, just follow the simple rules for choosing a chain for a pendant: the color of the chain must match the color of the metal of the hanging ears and the base, the length is medium. Weaving the chain should be simple, not distracting from the pendant. It is also permissible to use silver cords-weaving or unusual chains with enamel (for example, the floral theme will look logical).

There are a lot of options when you can focus on the new pendant: for example, your new manicure in the style of the latest "green" trends is easy to simply  demonstrate by adjusting the pendant. Such a pendant is not a shame to present as a gift (for example, even the Queen Elizabeth II was presented by the Swiss government with a tiara with raw vltavin). Primeval Europeans believed that Moldovite protects against evil spirits and often wore stones in the form of amulets. A "heavenly" origin promises that the stone brings love to the one who wears it, promotes mutual understanding and gives the owner exceptional strength.

Product Care

The product does not darken. To protect the insert, it is undesirable to use alkaline substances, including soda, when cleaning, and to apply adhesives yourself. Traditional "chemical" care, familiar to silver, is superfluous. It is enough to clean the product with soapy water with a slightly acidic pH and wipe with a dry cloth.


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