Silver earrings with natural moldavite, vltavin in the shape of a drop Forest green

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Stone Size:
12x8 mm
Stone Color:
Stone form:

stone color (vltavin): green
decoration type: clasp
stone type (vltavin): natural

Stone size: 8x6 mm

Weight: 3.3 gr

Material: 925/1000 sterling silver

Production: Czech Republic

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Czech Moldavite earrings - a rare cosmic stone

Silver earrings with natural moldavit size 12x8 mm. The earrings are covered with a flap and rhodium plated. The material is silver 925/1000. Approximate weight - 3.27 g. The total height of the earrings is 19 mm.
Putting on these earrings, the girl may well say that there are two fragments of a comet on her ears. And she feels simply cosmically irresistible! And her words will be fully argued. According to studies, Vltavin (stones, which are the central insert-suspension of each of the earrings) is formed by fragments of an ancient comet that burnt in the atmosphere of the earth more than 15 million years ago. The only source of stone, tectite by origin, is found in the valley of the Moldau River. Four mines are currently in operation and recent forecasts say they will be exhausted within ten years. The stone belongs to semi-precious, however, its price in the jewelry market is only growing. The structure of the stone is no less interesting than its enchanting warm green color. Gas bubbles inside the stone - a consequence of an explosion in the atmosphere, the air of the ancient planet, preserved in stone to this day. Even the surface of a perfectly polished stone is slightly rough, and in its depth there are small grooves due to natural processes. As a result, each pair of earrings will be unique in its own way: in color and in structure of the insert. The elongated pear-shaped cut of the stone, otherwise called the “drop”, has 55-56 facets and made with great skill. This is a classic form that emphasizes the oval of the face, lengthens it and translates attention to the almond-shaped eyes. In this case, the earrings will suit both owners of rare green eyes, and brown-eyed dark-skinned beauties. Putting on such a decoration, note that the makeup should be natural and gentle. The exception is the modern trend - bright green shadows for summer parties, reckless youth and additionally “voiced” by the green magic of the earrings. Earrings will create a delicate, fragile bridge between reality and your fantasies, help you not to get lost in a difficult situation, when only your calm, prettiness and a gentle smile can come to the rescue. The material of the earrings is pure 925 silver. The surface is subjected to additional grinding, a rhodium coating is applied to protect the noble metal from chemical darkening under the influence of atmospheric impurities. These earrings can be easily worn with other white gold jewelry; they do not darken over time when in contact with skin.

Product Features:

Sterling Silver; 

Natural inserts - stone vltavin; 

Depending on the lighting, the color of the insert can vary from bottle green to brown green. 

Why vltavin earrings are a good gift idea

  The rhodium surface of the earrings does not darken with time. The earrings are wear-resistant, the pendants are firmly connected to the lock. The clasp is light and simple, does not require additional efforts. When processing, it is desirable to avoid the use of chemically reactive household chemicals (alkalis) and high temperature. It is enough to clean the handles of the locks with an alcohol solution; in case of heavy pollution, use a mildly acidic shampoo. After treatment, rinse with running water and wipe with a dry, soft cloth.

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