Set of silver jewelry with moldavite, vltavin in a shape of a drop Forest green

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8*19 mm
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Jewelry sets
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The set includes: Silver earrings with natural vltavin, Silver pendant with vltavin

Destination: for women
Earrings size: 0 mm × 8 mm × 19 mm
Pendant size: 0 mm × 8 mm × 25 mm

Color of stone (pearls): green

Kind of stone (pearls): vltavin


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  • Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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A rare green moldavite must be in your jewelry collection

You are surprised and even discouraged. Every time, every day, for many years now she has managed to look really great, enchanting you. Sometimes it seems that some kind of magic helps her, which makes the image perfect and charming. It doesn't matter where you meet - at evening shows, in fashionable restaurants or just walking in the park. It seems that this is real magic - every time she manages to look beyond all praise. And you want to spend your whole life with her.

A set of silver jewelry with a Vltavine in the form of a drop by the work of Czech masters can really surprise and amaze. Elegant earrings of the finest work are ideally combined with a graceful pendant. The noble brilliance of the precious metal and the pure radiance of the green mineral form a magical tandem that helps create the perfect image. However, this is only one of the many properties of an amazing decoration.

Vltavin - cosmic power and energy

Silver, chosen as the basis, has been widely known to mankind for centuries. "Moon Metal" is able to protect the owner from the evil force and the evil eye, as well as give a strong intuition and magical gift of foresight. Not without reason, many witches wear silver jewelry. In addition, the beneficial effects of metal on the body have been proven. It cleanses it of toxins, contributes to the work of the liver, kidneys and stomach, helps to solve skin problems. And its universality lies in the fact that it perfectly interacts with all the signs of the zodiac.

The Vltavin stone, which crowns the decorations, appeared on Earth several million years ago, but was mastered by jewelers only in the 19th century. It has an extraterrestrial origin and arrived on the planet along with a random comet. That is why its deposit is located in the Czech Republic, near the Moldau river.
Mysterious green color has a positive energy and greatly affects the heart chakra. Thanks to this, the owner is successfully treated for heart diseases, and also overcomes his own isolation. Moreover, yogis use it to tune into meditation and successfully connect with the cosmic mind.

Interestingly, Vltavin has a positive effect on the body, helping to solve many different problems. It relieves headaches, strengthens the nerves and helps to recover from disruptions, has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision. In addition, it activates vital energy, raises the tone of the body, has a rejuvenating effect on the body and contributes to the activation of mental activity.Best suited to Leo, Weight, Aquarius and Sagittarius, but also with other signs of the zodiac combined quite well.

Czech moldavite anywhere in the world

Remember, you are a welcome guest for our store, and we will do everything to make you satisfied. That is why the purchase of a set of silver jewelry with Vltavine in the form of a drop is here:

· Price is surprising. Obviously, with a pleasant side. As well as operational work - the delivery service will bring the goods within a few days after the order;
· Durability. Do not worry that jewelry will lose its magical appearance in a few years. Products have a rhodium coating that effectively protects against scratches, browning or mechanical damage;
· Elegance and inner energy. Chic set is a delightful fit to any party or event. Now create a magical image - a matter of a couple of minutes. And be sure, everyone around you will feel your energy thanks to the strong magical properties of the Vltavin stone.

 Use the gift delivered from space.


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