Strieborný prívesok s prírodným vltavínom, moldavitom
Code: CS-11680

Strieborný prívesok s prírodným vltavínom, moldavitom

Code: CS-11680

Short Description

Moldavite pendants
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Dimensions: 15 mm × 6 mm × 0 mm

Jewelry: pendant
Direction: for women
stone color (vltavin): green
stone type (vltavin): natural


Weight: 0.7 gr
105 GBP
87 GBP
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Full Description 

Surprise everyone - buy a decoration with a Czech meteorite

The silver pendant is decorated with a natural moldavite 15x6 mm in size. The material is silver 925/1000. The total size of the suspension, including the handle, is 15 mm.

When you ask every of fashion woman if she wants to wear a small piece of comet around her elegant neck, will happily exclaim “Of course!”. By purchasing this product, you realize its “heavenly” fantasies, which are easily confirmed by the scientifically grounded history of the origin of the stone-inset, which is the central element of the pendant. A small stone 7x9 mm of this pendant is one of the fragments of a comet that melted in the atmosphere of the Earth 15 million years ago. Vltavin (so called these stones in honor of their only field on the planet near the Vltava River) is cut in an oval shape. Even being perfectly processed and polished, it has small wrinkles and gas bubbles that appeared there during formation. They give the brilliance of this green stone uniqueness (the shape and internal glow of the stone do not repeat from instance to instance) and a special mystical softness. The effect of the naturalness of the stone is also manifested in its polished surface and in the form of a soft roughness, which especially diffuses incident light.

Pendant with high quality natural Moldavite from Zlatkaeu online store

The pendant is made of 925 silver and coated with electroplating: a hypoallergenic layer of rhodium, which improves the appearance of the product, giving it the glitter effect of “white gold” and protects blackening and microscratching, which is easily manifested on silver, but to which this alloy is resistant. Suspended and connecting ears pendant durable and not subject to deformation under the weight of the base and insert. The hole in the hanging eyelet is enough to pass through the chain of anchor or any other traditional weaving. Ideally, such a pendant will look on a chain of silver or white gold, simple weaving. The insert is fastened with the help of four paws. Krapany perfectly smooth, pressed to the surface of the stone and tightly hold it.
The pendant creates a light, summer and romantic image, enveloping its possessor with enchanting mist. It will look great in combination with other accessories with vltavin inserts made of lead with an oval or round cut of stones. Jewelry fashion does not exclude combinations with other accessories with semiprecious red-orange scales and precious transparent stones.

Product Care

Product Care The upper rhodium layer is sufficiently stable, silver will not darken (blackening).  Traditional methods of caring for silver products are permissible (except for mechanical impact), but will not be necessary even with long wearing pendant. It is enough to clean the surface with a soap or alcohol solution and wipe with a soft cloth. Protect the insert from alkaline solutions (soda, household chemicals).

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