Silver earrings comet with natural moldavite

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  Earrings with moldavite - jewelry from space


There are many beautiful gems in the world, but noone of them can boast of extraterrestrial origin. The uniqueness of the Czech Moldavite is that it was not born on Earth, but came to us from space 15 million years ago. When you wear earrings with moldavite, you will know that this is a piece of the heavenly body that has flown millions of light years to adorn you. Isn't that amazing? The silver earrings are shaped like a comet, which once again emphasizes the cosmic origin of the stone. Comets are some of the most beautiful celestial bodies. They come to us from the depths of space and look like a foggy object, behind which stretches a tail several million kilometers long. One of them flew through the earth's orbit many years ago and did not burn up in the atmosphere, but brought us a wonderful stone of moldavite.

Elongated silver earrings with moldavite

The earrings are made of high quality 925 sterling silver and are rhodium plated. It is a valuable platinum group metal, much more expensive than white gold. It is resistant to corrosion, does not darken or oxidize over time, but it is quite brittle. That is why jewelry is not made from pure rhodium. It is used to coat other valuable metals. Particularly silver to give a cool, luxurious color and protect against oxidation. Earrings made of such silver are highly wear-resistant and have hypoallergenic properties. The jewelry weighs 3.4 grams, which indicates the strength and reliability of the product. They are fixed on the earlobe with an English lock. The earrings are decorated with round moldavite stone.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

• This Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic, because it was in this region that a meteorite fell 15 million years ago.

• Moldavite has a deep green color, not as bright as glass.

• The surface of the stone has grooves and scratches, real stone contains impurities, therefore, its color is not uniform.

• Moldavite has blotches of bubbles and an uneven surface. The original mineral cannot be perfectly smooth.


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