Women's silver earrings in the shape of a comet with triangle cubic zirconia
Code: SP-SE016

Women's silver earrings in the shape of a comet with triangle cubic zirconia

Code: SP-SE016

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Zirconia earrings
English lock
With stones
Dimensions: 18 mm × 12 mm × 0 mm

Women's silver earrings with zircons
Code: SE016

Material: silver 925/1000, zircon
Finish: rhodium 
Size: 18x12 mm
Weight: 5,6 g

Weight: 5.8 gr
34 EUR
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Женские серебряные серьги в виде кометы с треугольным цирконом - pic 1Женские серебряные серьги в виде кометы с треугольным цирконом - pic 2Женские серебряные серьги в виде кометы с треугольным цирконом - pic 3
Full Description 

Jewelry comets - unusual earrings

The art of being a trendsetter

How difficult it is sometimes to achieve harmony and perfect style. The absence of important details makes the image ordinary and overkill with jewelry is proof of bad taste. But if you make the right choice, then admiring glances of others will be riveted to your person. In addition, the ideal look has also create the inner harmony and self-confidence. And now it turns out that to achieve this result is easier than it seemed - now there are women's silver earrings with zircon.

Secrets of real Czech masters

Jewelry craftsmen from the Czech Republic embodied all their skills in these earrings. The result was a perfect fusion of beauty and magic. The elegant design with shapes forms attract attention and harmonize perfectly with any outfits. Even at the most sophisticated event you will look perfect thanks to these amazing earrings. And so it will be for a long time, because the special rhodium coating will protect from scratches and mechanical damage, as well as retain the original shine.

Zircon, also called the morning dawn stone, was chosen as decoration. Its excellent brilliance gives nobility to the product, and the healing and energy properties of the stone have been known for a long time.

The secrets of zirconium - the beauty and benefits for you

Even in ancient Indian zircon was at highest place, also as the diamond. It was believed that this stone symbolizes wisdom and has a strong energy that develops the intuition and mental abilities of the owner. Moreover, it is able to protect the owner from insomnia and bad nightmares, bring the positive energy of Yang, which inspires optimism.

The beneficial effect of zircon on the body is also proved - it has a positive effect on the pituitary gland, liver and thyroid gland, and its contemplation contributes to the achievement of emotional balance and inner harmony. The stone is perfect for people born under the influence of the elements of fire, water or earth, as well as the signs of the zodiac Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Indulge yourself with earrings from the Zlatkaeu online store

Choosing women's silver earrings with zircon, you will be satisfied, because the store guarantees a number of advantages:

• Prompt delivery. In just a few days after placing the order you will have earrings, and the small cost of the product will pleasantly surprise you;

• For a long time. Due to a special scratch-resistant coating, the jewelry looks and shines like new even after a long time;

• Good choice. Elegant design, stylish forms and high quality workmanship perfectly harmonize with any, even the most exclusive outfit;

• Benefit. The beneficial effect of silver and zircon on the body contributes to an increase in optimism and the achievement of inner harmony.

Allow yourself to be a true ideal.

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