Dámske strieborné náušnice v tvare oka s okrúhlymi granátmi
Code: CS-107541734

Dámske strieborné náušnice v tvare oka s okrúhlymi granátmi

Code: CS-107541734

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Garnet earrings
Gift ideas for holidays
St. Valentine's day gifts
English lock
With stones

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Kameň: Unikátny český granát - Pyrope

Séria: granát

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Women's silver eye shaped drop earrings with circle garnets - pic 1Women's silver eye shaped drop earrings with circle garnets - pic 2Women's silver eye shaped drop earrings with circle garnets - pic 3Women's silver eye shaped drop earrings with circle garnets - pic 4Women's silver eye shaped drop earrings with circle garnets - pic 5
Full Description 

Buy earrings with garnet - become the owner of a unique Czech stone

Antioxidant rhodium coating. Silver 925/1000.
Graceful and small silver earrings attract a refined and unusual design using insert - garnet. For the manufacture of products used pyrope. The name of this type of stone (pyrope), translated from Greek, means “fiery eye” and the symbolism of the name is transmitted through the product, passing through the legends and superstitions associated with the stone. The earrings are made in the shape of a symbolic eye-drop, the round cut inserts are firmly wrapped around the thin frame of the silver fastening. These earrings visually lengthen the face. In the image of the same small round pebbles add charm and playfulness. These lightweight earrings are suitable for everyday wear for a very young girl, and an older woman who prefers a business style in clothes for daytime wear. Earrings are combined with other accessories - from jewelery to diamonds (although, despite the “mineralogical” neighborhood when mining, they are not recommended to be worn with diamonds). According to one of the ancient legends, a young man in love went to a distant desert for the three fetuses of the fruit with the same name - a pomegranate on behalf of the father of his love, the ruler of the state. When he returned, the country was in decline, and the king was ill. He broke the first fruit and gave it to the king - and he immediately healed, broke the second one - and pomegranate orchards bloomed everywhere in the country, and the third gave the girl’s love to him. The grains of pomegranates, scattered on the Earth, became deposits of a beautiful red stone. According to beliefs, this magic stone still promises success in business, good luck and gives happy love. In the Czech Republic, people present products with these semi-precious stones not only to the beloved (as recognition and demonstration of secret passion), but also to government officials or business partners (to wish well-being and prosperity in business). To eliminate the chemical effects in silver, the metal is coated with a thin electroplating layer of rhodium, giving the product a smooth, cool “white gold” effect. The coating has hypoallergenic properties and improves the wear resistance of the surface of the product, prevents blackening. The French lock, hardened with a bracket-mount is simple, convenient to use, does not "weight" the product both in fact and visually. Small earrings do not pull off the lobes and decorate the ears of any shape.

Bohemian pyrop earrings - features:

Sterling Silver;

Inserts - natural stones, garnets;

Low weight;

French castle.

Carrying and care of the product

When storing it is desirable to avoid mechanical impact, do not try to change the shape of the earrings with the help of mechanical tools, carefully use a thin fastener. For cleaning, it is enough to wipe the metal part and the stone from time to time with an alcohol solution and a soft cloth. When storing, avoid proximity to other metal alloys.

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