Tiny pendant with round garnet, pyrope

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A refined delicate pendant - more eloquent than any words

Present your sweetheart with a refined red garnet pendant. The gift will eloquently tell about feelings and will remind you of your love and loyalty every day. Complete the set with cute little earrings for a sophisticated and uncluttered look. The pendant is made of 925 sterling silver. The metal is plated with rhodium, which protects the jewelry from external influences and increases its durability. In addition, the coating gives the jewelry a noble platinum sheen. The jewelry can be worn by children and people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies.

Czech garnet

Czech garnet - pyrope has a deep red color, high strength and purity. The stones are mined near the Vltava River. It was formed as a result of a long process of petrification of volcanic lava. In the Czech Republic, pyrope jewelry began to gain popularity during the reign of Rudolf II. And in the 18th century they conquered the whole world. All representatives of the nobility sought to obtain jewelry with the coveted stone. Today jewelry with pyropes takes prizes at jewelry exhibitions. The stone is the pride of the country and all tourists take it home as a souvenir.

The legend of the garnet

Georgia has the most beautiful legend about the origin of garnet on Earth. One great ruler decided to marry his daughter. The princess was so beautiful that any man wanted to marry her. The ruler wanted to choose only the most daring and strong groom for his daughter, so he came up with a difficult test. In the distant and lifeless desert, there was a pomegranate tree that bore three magical fruits only once a year. The king wanted to get these fruits. The tree was guarded by evil spirits, so no one could approach it.

Only one young man was able to pass all the tests and got three magic fruits. When he returned home, he found that the king was seriously ill, and the country was dying of hunger. Then the young man broke one pomegranate and the king immediately recovered. When he broke the second pomegranate, lush gardens bloomed in the country, which fed the hungry people. And when the young man broke the third fruit, precious stones fell out of it, similar to pomegranate seeds. The stones scattered all over the world and since then they bring happiness to everyone who finds them.

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