Tiny earrings with round garnet, pyrope

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Silver earrings with garnet - amazing magic of contrasts

Earrings made of cold moon silver combined with a sun stone garnet create a magical blow of contrasts. The jewelry is made of high quality 925 sterling silver and covered with a precious platinum group metal - rhodium. Thanks to this coating, the metal acquires a noble white luster. Rhodium protects silver from blackening and staining, so the product will retain its presentation for a long time, and with proper care it will last for many years. Rhodium does not cause allergic reactions, redness or irritation, so the products can be worn by people with sensitive skin and little girls.

Whom to give refined earrings with garnet

For a girl, earrings will be an excellent first decoration. The little princess will love a cute red stone that will sparkle brightly in her ears. Garnet earrings can be presented to a young girl as a sign of love and fidelity. The garnet stone is also given on the second wedding anniversary. For a woman, earrings will be a great addition to her stylish look. This elegant piece of jewelry can be worn every day or reserved for a special occasion. Earrings will be a great accent. The bright stone will sparkle in the sun even under the hair. It is recommended to combine it with outfits in red, brown, white and black shades.

Firestone history

Czech pyrope garnet is the pride and national treasure of the country. Decorations with a miner have won prizes at world exhibitions and have won recognition far beyond the borders of their homeland. Pyrope was formed as a result of long processes of transformation of volcanic lava. Ancient people considered it to be the frozen blood of fire. The Persians called garnet the stone of rulers and believed that it gives power over people. In the Middle Ages, lovers exchanged garnets as a sign of loyalty and devotion. Knights put on rings with a garnet or decorated the handle of a sword with gems so that it would protect them from accidental death and give courage in battle. Pyrope was often kept as a family heirloom, it was believed that if the stone is worn for a long time, it will enhance its magical properties. And a stolen stone brings misfortune and failure to the new owner, because it does not tolerate injustice.

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