Silver pendant in the shape of a rectangle with garnets

Code: CS-10056

Short Description

Garnet pendants
Dimensions: 0 mm × 8 mm × 28 mm

Direction: for women
stone color (garnet): red
stone type (garnet): natural

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Full Description 

Silver pendant is decorated with natural garnets. The size of the pendant is 28 mm with an eyelet and a width of 8 mm. The approximate weight of the pendant is 3.69 g. The material is 925/1000 silver.

The sense of style, impeccable taste and dignity even in details now come to the fore among the values ​​in modern society. It happened because at the moment those items of clothing or accessories are relevant that can emphasize the sophistication and character of the owner. The bright, bright and pathetic one is no longer in trend. The background costume jewelery and wardrobe items from the mass market are relegated to the background. They have already proved their inconsistency by the fact that they are unable to distinguish the true connoisseur from the crowd of consumers. Especially such details don't fit to the persons with a sense of taste.

Now it is important to reflect the individuality of the individual with every detail of the wardrobe. The jewelry is the best way for this. After all, precious metals combined with precious and semiprecious stones will say without a word that there is a worthy person in front of you.

Silver pendant with Czech rectangular garnet is a perfect choice for everyday life and holidays

One of the constant companions of ladies with wonderful taste are pendants. For example, it's a silver pendant with a rectangular Czech garnet. Its price will pleasantly surprise you. It is in some way universal, as it is suitable for daytime toilet, picked up for a business or personal meeting, and for an evening dress selected for a party, meeting with friends or a date. Therefore, to buy a silver pendant with a rectangular garnet means to make an excellent gift. And it does not matter whether you are making a present to yourself (if you are beautiful lady) or a woman you love (if you are an attentive man). Note that silver jewelry is perfect for both young girls and women of mature age. The thing is that silver looks restrained, dignified, not defiant. The absence of a provocative tone in such a stone as garnet is another undoubted advantage of this pendant.

Excellent quality is another reason to buy a silver pendant with a rectangular garnet

Those who bought jewelry at least once in their life, no doubt thought about the quality of the selected product. There is no reason to doubt here - you can safely order a silver pendant with a garnet online in this store, since it has all the necessary quality certificates. The pendant is made by Czech craftsmen. Its base is 925 sterling silver. The jewelery is decorated with Czech garnet. Note that the pendant is covered with rhodium, that is, it has the brilliance of white gold. Thanks to this dusting, the jewel has a truly aristocratic look.

Characteristics of silver pendant with garnet

In order for you to have no doubts in the acquisition of the pendant, we give its detailed characteristics. The size of the silver pendant is:

- height is 28 mm with an eyelet,

- width is 8 mm,

- an approximate decoration weight is 3.69 g.

The pendant is light, but at the same time it is lasting. This jewel will look great on both thin and heavier silver chains. Thanks to the exquisite simplicity of the pendant, it is ideal for any ensemble of accessories, whether it be rings, earrings or bracelet.

You must admit that all jewelry is associated with dear life. Putting them on, we will, capturing ourselves, imagine ourselves before sunset on the ocean, at a party in the successful world, in some paradise places of out planet. Wearing accessories can instantly increase a person’s self-confidence, emphasize his individuality, make him irresistible in the eyes of others. Give yourself this feeling of happiness and prosperity thanks to the choice of exquisite jewelry, such as this silver pendant with garnet!

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