Silver jewelry set with natural Czech garnet, pyrope in the shape of rectangle

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Silver jewelry set with natural Czech garnet pyrope in the shape of rectangle

The set includes:
Silver earrings with natural garnet
Silver pendant with Czech garnet

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  • Moldavite is a rare Czech meteorite stone. Its good investment
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Amazing jewelry set with firely red Czech garnet.

Nice stud earrings with pushback lock which are really comfortable to wear and silver ring with rectangle shape natural pyrope garnet will make you feel special in every occasion. You can wear this set not only in the evening but at a day time.

Czech masters made really good work. You can see it in the skill of stone cutting. And special rhodium coat will care of your jewelry. Will prevent scratches and darkening of the metal.
So be sure this set of silver jewelry will give you sharm and admires looks of others.

Czech Garnet - Pyrope is a small transparent stone of an exceptionally dark red color, which flashes in bright light to the lumen.

Garnet is considered to be a stone that is able to enhance love passion, dispel longing and deliver a sense of joy to its owner.
In ancient times, unique abilities were attributed to the stone.

People believed that garnet is capable of:

• protect from enemies;

• help with travel;

• contribute to a quick recovery;

• give physical strength.

Czech garnet has been considered as a stone that brings happiness, helps to receive God's blessing and makes a person kind and noble.

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· The best price and terms. The cost of a set is significantly less than in other stores, and it will take only a few days to wait for delivery;

· Elegance and beauty. Now creating a gorgeous look becomes much easier and more enjoyable. Exquisite jewelry will help to achieve the ideal. It doesn't matter what event is planned - enthusiastic looks are simply provided; 

· Great design for a long time. Every detail of the kit has a thin rhodium plating that perfectly resists scratches and mechanical damage. Glitter and purity are provided for many years;

· Positive effect on the body. Garnet is bringing vitality, high energy and protection

Create a superb look is easy and pleasant.