Silver earrings swan with Czech moldavite

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 Earrings with moldavite in the shape of a swan - sophistication and grace in every detail


The pearl of our collection is luxurious earrings with natural Czech moldavite. They resemble a swan with their graceful curves and bright design. Like a royal bird, these earrings stand out among others. A deep green round moldavite stone is surrounded by a scattering of cubic zirconium. The graceful curves of silver are like a swan's neck. The jewelry is highly strength and durable. Both earrings weigh 6.1 grams and the silver is coated with a protective rhodium layer. This means that they are protected from darkening and deformation. In addition, they have hypoallergenic properties and can be worn by people with sensitive skin.


How To Wear Earrings With Moldavite


These earrings are worthy to beautify you at the most important events. For a complete look, add to the earrings a small, refined pendant with round moldavite or a ring. Elongated earrings will help to correct the shape of the face. It is recommended to wear them for girls with pronounced cheekbones, to soften the features. Earrings are also suitable for owners of oval and heart-shaped faces. It is better to wear them for an evening event in combination with a dress in black, white, green, yellow and brown shades. Wear earrings with classic outfits and a turtleneck to create a strict look. And if you want to feel more relaxed, feel free to wear things with a neckline, effectively emphasize the earrings - chandeliers.


The magic of Czech moldavite


The origin of the Czech Vltavine tektite is associated with the fall of a meteorite near the modern Vltava River. There are two versions of the formation of the mineral. According to the first, moldavite is a fragment of the comet nucleus that did not burn up in the atmosphere and collided with our planet. The second - vltavin was formed under the influence of high water temperature by the impact of a meteorite with the earth's surface. The rock has melted, and the frozen particles scattered hundreds of kilometers. Both versions confirm that the vltavin was created with the participation of space forces. Therefore, it is credited with many magical abilities. It is believed that moldavite keeps a connection with the Universe, therefore, its owner, when worn for a long time, creates intuition and the gift of foresight. Moldavite is worn as a talisman against evil forces. Astrologers recommend wearing it to all signs of the zodiac, especially Sagittarius and Pisces.


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