Silver earrings arrow with natural moldavite
Code: jw-AGV2140-1

Silver earrings arrow with natural moldavite

Code: jw-AGV2140-1

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Moldavite earrings
With stones
Weight: 4.4 gr
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Earrings with moldavite in the shape of an arrow - hit the target

Luxurious silver earrings with large oval moldavite are a great choice. The weight of the earrings is 4.4 grams, silver long earrings with an English lock. The decoration looks bright and expressive. Natural Czech mineral moldavite has a rich green color. The stone goes well with the cold noble shade of silver. Silver is plated with a thin layer of rhodium. This increases the durability of the product and protects it from darkening and stains. Our jewelry protects against redness and irritation of skin and can be worn by people with sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies.

The origin of the Czech mineral

Moldavite deposits are found only in the Czech Republic, near the Moldau River. The stone is rightfully considered a national treasure of the country. Vltavin is quite rare stone, so its supplies are limited. Usually, stones with a diameter of no more than 3 cm are found, but there are exceptions. Large minerals are bought by collectors. The largest moldavite found has a weight over 250 grams. Moldavite is often referred to as the Czech meteorite, as it is of extraterrestrial origin. People believed, it was formed as a result of the collision of a comet with the Earth more than 15 million years ago. Moldavite is attributed with many magical properties. It is used for meditation, in various rituals to open the chakras and to protect against dark forces. Astrologers claim that vltavin strengthens the connection with the cosmos and endows a person with the gift of foresight.

How to recognize moldavite from a fake

Bottle glass is often offered instead of moldavite because of its similar color. But, if you see this stone live, you can surely distinguish it from a fake. Moldavite has a deep rich green color; variations in shades may vary. There is even brown moldavite, but it is not so highly valued. The surface of a natural mineral is heterogeneous. Grooves, scratches and air spots are visible. The stone is transparent or translucent. Jewelers never make moldavite perfectly smooth like glass. There are irregularities in the stone. It is an indicator of a natural mineral. Decorations made of untreated vltavin are widespread. Moldavite without jewelry processing looks like a structured crystal with an inhomogeneous surface. But at the same time, it still refracts sunlight well and has transparency.

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