Women's silver ring with natural square garnet

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Women's silver ring with natural square garnet

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Unique Red Pirope Ring - Refined Jewelry

Honestly, you never liked rings. It always seemed to you that it was inconvenient and not very beautiful. But recently, you realized that it is important to find the jewelry that suits you. Obviously, the elaborate gold jewelry with a lurid design is not your style. I want to become the owner of an elegant and high-quality product that will emphasize your inner world and help you feel more confident.

It seems that you just found your option - this is a female silver ring with a natural square garnet. The product of the work of Czech masters attracts with its stylish design and high quality workmanship. Thanks to these properties, it is perfect for any event and will be in perfect harmony with both casual clothes and elegant evening dresses. However, these are only the initial positive properties of the decoration.

Colossal energy enclosed in stone

The real decoration of the product is pyrope - a unique Czech garnet, the hallmark of which has become a deep dark red color. It is a stone of fire, therefore it is best suited to Aries, Sagittarius and Lions. It is believed that it has the strongest energy that makes the owner more decisive, active, gives his courage and helps to overcome his own fears. In addition, garnet has a positive effect on the body. Red stone stimulates the liver, digestive tract, cardiovascular system. It is known that the holder of jewelry with a guarantor is less likely to suffer from problems with high or low blood pressure, heart attack and migraines.

The frame is a precious metal - 925 sterling silver. It captivates with its noble brilliance and pleases with strong magical properties. Many sorcerers wear silver jewelry, because it is believed that lunar metal is capable of endowing the owner with strong intuition and even the gift of foresight. Moreover, silver can protect against evil eye, bad libel from others, it helps to normalize metabolism, the work of internal organs, solve skin problems and remove toxins from the body. The appearance and features of the product will remain at a height for a long time, thanks to the rhodium-plated coating, which protects against scratches, darkening and mechanical damage.

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