Women's Silver Earrings with Square Swarovski Red Crystal
Code: CS-3090

Women's Silver Earrings with Square Swarovski Red Crystal

Code: CS-3090

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Crystal Swarovski earrings
Dangling Earring
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Women's Silver Earrings with Swarovski Red Crystal

Code: 3090
Type: Women's Silver Earrings
Stone: Swarovski Crystal

Weight: 4.7 gr
23 EUR
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Full Description 

Bright red Swarovski earrings - buy in Zlatkaeu online store

Silver earrings with Swarovski light siam crystal. The crystal size is 10 x 10 mm. Earrings have a pure rhodium finish.

Earrings with red crystals are perfect if you want to create a fatal look. You can combine them with different outfits and jewelry, for this we have several ideas.


How To Wear Earrings With Swarovski Red Crystals

The crystal size is 10x10 mm so the red color will not look too vulgar and bright. They can be worn as an evening event, and in the office to work. However, you need to carefully think through the look. Here are some ideas on how to combine these earrings.

  • Classic look

If you have any monophonic black dress, your universal fatal look is ready. Add these earrings to it and you will look perfect. Feel free to combine them with any strict clothing, but do not overdo it with jewelry: add only silver.

  • Office Style

If you wear these earrings to work, make sure that the look is not too bright. You can add only a couple of other small jewelry like thin silver rings or a bracelet. Do not wear a necklace or a massive chain.

  • Evening look

Earrings with red Swarovski crystals perfectly accent the evening look. Wear them with a plain dress. They look best with classic black, white or red. A massive necklace can be added to the evening gown - earrings will complement it due to its small size.


Silver earrings with Swarovki crystals - how to care

Earrings need special care, otherwise they will quickly lose their luster and shade. Try to follow a few rules so that they serve you for a long time.

  • Purity.

Every time after you take off the jewelry, do not forget to wipe them with a dry cloth. Do an annual cleaning of jewelry with special means or hand them to a jewelry store for cleaning.

  • Proper storage.

Store jewelry in special soft bags or a box. You can buy or make your own special stand for earrings, where they will not come into contact with each other and scratch.

  • Proper using.

Do not wear earrings on the beach, in the bath, in the shower and other places where there is high humidity. If you forget to take off them once before going to the beach, do not worry. But if you do it all the time, the earrings will darken or just lose their brilliance and bright hue.

Take care of the jewelry and combine them as you like. Our jewelry is made for beautiful and confident women!

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