Women's Silver Earrings in the shape of a bullet with Zircons

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32*6 mm
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Women's Silver Earrings with Zirconia
Code: SS141E

Material: stříbro 925/1000, zirkony
Finish: rhodium 
Size: 32x6 mm
Weight: 4,9 g

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Jewelry Bullet Earrings from Zlatkaeu Online Store

It is time to pamper yourself and replenish your jewelry collection. But here it is very simple to step over the line from grace to bad taste. In addition, you want to choose an elegant jewelry that will attract the attention of others and be able to reveal the features of your inner world. It could be a difficult task, but now there are elegant silver earrings with zircon.

The product is made by Czech jewelers and wonder with its delicate work and harmony of form. The precious metal has a rhodium coating that protects against scratches and mechanical damage, and the English lock will please with its convenience. But the main secret is not that the earrings fascinate with a stylish design, but in zircon, which has tremendous and internal energy.

The secrets of the stone of the morning dawn

In Indian esotericism, zircon is considered the younger brother of a diamond for its pure and noble brilliance, as well as amazing energy. The stone is suitable for those born under the zodiac sign Aries, Capricorn or Aquarius, and its patron planet is Jupiter. Since ancient times, jewelry with zircon has been worn by those who seek to know wisdom, develop the ability to convince and control the masses of people.

Moreover, the contemplation of zircon helps in achieving emotional balance and inner harmony. It is believed that this stone develops intuition, protects its owner from insomnia, the evil eye and nightmares. A woman wearing jewelry with zircon is a model of beauty and sexual energy.

The positive effect of zircon on health has been proven - such stone stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland, liver and pituitary gland, and long-term wearing helps smooth out wrinkles and solve skin problems.

Czech jewelry is a good choice in all aspects

Our store offers the best conditions for buying women's silver earrings with zircon.

• Elegance and style. The jewelry impresses with its gorgeous design and is suitable for both elegant evening dress and everyday dresses;

• Magic and health. Due to the strong energy of the stone, the owner can achieve inner harmony and improve their own health;

• Don’t wait. Prompt delivery service will ensure that the earrings were with you within a few days after placing the order;

• A practical choice. Earrings will look great for many years, because the metal is covered with rhodium, protecting silver from scratches and preserving its natural noble shine.

Find out what a masterpiece of jewelry can be.