Natural River Black Pearl

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Stone Size:
7 mm
Stone Color:
Stone form:

Jewelry: Necklace
Direction: for women
stone color (pearl): black
stone type (pearl): natural

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Natural River Black Pearl - Exquisite Necklace

The approximate diameter of the pearl is 7 mm. We have a necklace with a length of about 38-41 cm. The necklace is made of silver 925/1000.
Black pearl necklace 41 cm long with a diameter of beads about 7 mm. Pearls never go out of fashion. The necklace is notable for not soft delicate luster of light pearls, it is a gift and decoration of a woman mysterious and incomprehensible. As in nature, there is only 1 black pearl for 15,000 mined, and the owner of this jewelry will feel unique. Decoration will allow you to feel confident in any circumstances, at the same time without losing femininity.

The connecting elements of the necklace are made of 925 sterling silver. The strong and easy lock will allow not to worry about loss of jewelry. Each of the pearls with a diameter of 7 mm with a beautiful shine, without visible damage, cracks, irregularities and scratches. Natural beads can not be perfect: it is impossible to control the process of ripening pearls in the clam shell. Small bumps and imperfect form in this necklace only emphasize their natural origin and indicate that the beads were not filed. Each product gives the uniqueness to the owner.

Decoration features:
Natural black pearl;
Sterling Silver;
Deep black luster beads;
Strong connecting elements;
Classic design.

Buy a necklace of black pearls and become the embodiment of elegance

You can wear a black necklace to any dress with bare shoulders or neckline: from a little black dress to colorful and colored cocktail dresses. At the same time, the image of a girl who is in constant motion in jeans and an open summer topic will also be successfully complemented with this accessory. Do not be afraid to use the thread of black pearls, if your outfit seemed too simple: with this necklace it will become a simple and elegant classic in the spirit of Coco Chanel.

Necklace can be worn with other accessories from black pearls (ring, earrings). Jewelry with other friendly pearls should not be avoided: aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, zircon, garnet, emerald, rose quartz, jasper. This necklace is visually closer to the warm “red” gamut, it is preferable to choose jewelry in these shades. The color of the product may slightly differ from the one presented due to differences in color rendition.

Fans of transformations and their own design of jewelry can transform a necklace, adding it with central elements or a pendant or re-decorate a jewelry into a unique thing for your chosen image.

Black Pearl necklace care

Pearls are a product of the water element. It does not like being dried out during storage and will not be harmed by the treatment with running water after each wearing. At the same time, exposure to perfume, cosmetics or foundation can lead to negative consequences. In case of heavy contamination, treat the pearls with soapy water. Do not use strongly alkaline or acidic products. Ideally, the treatment will be carried out using a neutral pH baby soap.

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