Women silver pendant with nano sultanite (chameleon, imitation) and zircons

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Silver pendant 

Code: SS162P

Material: silver 925/1000, nano sultanite (chameleon stone, imitation) and zircons
Finsh: rhodium 
Size: 28x9 mm
Weight: 2,5 g

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Jewelry with a special stone with nano-hydrothermal sultanite, diaspor (synthetic stone chameleon, imitation of sultanite).

Sultanite stone is rare and very expensive, but many beautiful ladies have a desire to have this stone, so they learned to synthesize sultanite. Synthetic or hydrothermal sultanite in its chemical and optical properties is not inferior to natural stone. The inner world of hydrothermal sultanite is a complete identification of natural sultanite, only the world of this stone was created with the participation of man.

The main charm and mystery of the mineral lies in its ability to change color. Yes, it is the same chameleon as amethyst or alexandrite, only has an even more diverse range of shades. Whoever has the sultanite stone among the jewelry can observe a stunning metamorphosis. On a bad day or with a dull lamp, it looks intensely green, like juicy spring grass after a refreshing rain. When the light is brighter, the mineral takes on new shades - from green-brown to amber-yellow, honey. Violet, pink, raspberry, olive and cognac, greenish gray - this is the color spectrum of this miracle.

 Allow yourself to be different.

Brightness and personality along with stylish jewelry

Do you know what will be the best gift for a woman? What will make her shine with delight and emphasize her individuality and originality? This is an elegant jewelry that delights with its design, useful features and a pleasant price.

Czech masters created a real masterpiece for the ladies, pleasing with its beauty and elegance. A stylish silver chain with a classic weaving has excellent durability - it is not easy to break or scratch it due to the special rhodium coating.

Noble, stylish, but not fanciful jewelry will be useful in any situation: both at a dinner party and in a working environment. It perfectly combines with a luxurious evening dress, and with a casual business suit. Everywhere its owner will be the object of attention and admiration from others.

A jewel worthy of a queen

The real cherry on the cake of this product is a refined zirconium pendant in silver frame. The noble brown-yellow stone not only looks stylish, but also has properties beneficial to the body.

This “stone of the morning dawn” (this is its unofficial name) favorably affects the thyroid gland, stimulates the liver and the pituitary gland. Moreover, it is able to provide the body with vigor, energy and good mood for the whole day.

It is believed that zirconium also has magical properties and enhances the energy of the person, as well as develops his intuition. The owner of such jewelry will not only surprise others with a great sense of style, but also be able to quickly achieve inner harmony and balance.

Reasons to choose this jewelry

·         Real magic and health benefits. Zirconium has a positive effect on the body and its energy, helping to unleash a person’s personal potential to the full;

·         Beauty. Spectacular design and elegant forms combined with style are great for any place and event;

·         The choice for many years. Noble silver will not turn black with time and will not receive scratches. Special rhodium coating protects the chain from accidental mechanical damage. Even after many years it will remain just as bright and elegant;

·         Nice price. Jewelry from the best Czech masters has an affordable cost, and prompt delivery to anywhere in the world allows you to receive it within a few days after placing the order.

Choose a gift that will make you shine with joy and will attract the attention of others.

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