Swarovski Chameleon Crystal Cube Silver Earrings

Code: CS-789

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski earrings
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 6 mm × 6 mm

Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): other colors
decoration type: screw
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

16 eur.
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  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
  • Slovakia, Czech - 3-4 EUR,
    Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Full Description 

Silver studs decorated with Swarovski crystals. Cubes size 6x6 mm. AB Crystal color is changeable. These decorations have a finish of pure rhodium, which does not cause allergic reactions.

Classic stud earrings will help to create a relaxed and easy look for every day. The purity of small (6x6 mm) and perfectly transparent Swarowski crystals will highlight your personality.
An unusual and expressive shape brings austerity to style, while crystals resembling ice cubes sprinkle  mischievous rainbow beams in all directions.
The play of light on crystals fully produces the desired effect of the Aurora Borealis ("Northern Lights") of the famous Austrian Swarowski trade mark.
Flawless cut and polish of the crystals are made by Czech masters taking into account the optical properties of the material on modern equipment.
The uniqueness of the cut highlights the technology services evolution of  synthetic crystal.

The material of the "crystals" does not lose visual qualities and will never tarnish. The pin and the clip of the earrings are made of silver 925 with rhodium finish.
It gives the jewelry not only the charm of white gold, but also has hypoallergenic qualities. Earrings do not weigh the earlobe, the clip tightly holds the jewelry.

The advantages and quality of the product:

• High quality crystals;

 • Unique shape;

 • Low weight;

• Convenient pin, tight clamp;

• Durability of materials;

• Hypoallergenic.

Earrings are well combined with other jewelry of simple and geometrically expressive shape, small pendants and products without crystal inserts, and can also serve as the only decoration.
A miniature stone on the earlobe does not distract attention from other accessories that you decide to wear.They will add sparkles to your ordinary life and add shine to the new collection of fashion clothes, without smearing the accuracy and restraint of the chosen style.

Low-key stud earrings are easily combined with both a simple dress of light shades and dark colors business office suit.
The colors of the crystals vary. The price of the product corresponds to the principle of affordable luxury of the Austrian fashion jewelry house.

Product care

Earrings are durable, they are not afraid of random scratches. However, when using it is desirable to avoid direct exposure to chemically aggressive substances, including perfume, deodorant, hairspray.
It should be taken off before visiting the bathroom or on the beach. To store, treat the product with water or alcohol solution and wipe with a soft clothes.
Do not use for the treatment alkaline and aggressive household chemicals, abrasives. It is advisable to avoid contact with other decorations and metal objects.


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