Silver earrings with a scattering of Czech garnet

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Material: 925/1000 sterling silver

Production: Czech Republic

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Pyrope is the national pride of the Czech Republic

The earrings are made of rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. They are decorated with a scattering of natural Czech garnet - pyrope. One large stone surrounded by eight minerals creates a flower shape. The decoration was made by Czech craftsmen at one of the oldest factories in the country. The quality assurance is the test on the jewelry and the brand stamp. Earrings can be completed with a ring and pendant  the same series.

How to wear a garnet

Pyrope is a very bright and tempting stone that attracts attention. As a rule, jewelry with garnet is chosen by strong, ambitious women who like to stand out and not be afraid to draw the eyes of others. Earrings with garnet, unlike rings and pendants, are located on the earlobe and receive more sunlight than other jewelry. The stones sparkle even under the hair. Stud earrings help to correct the shape of the face and do not have strict style limitations. In the daytime and in casual style, the jewelry is combined with outfits in black, brown and beige. For a special occasion, earrings with garnets will perfectly decorate an outfit with lace or a deep neckline. Complement the jewelry set with a pendant ring and no additional accents are needed.

Garnet riddles

There is a locality in America located on the border of four states. This place is widely known not only for the three-meter-high anthills located there, but also for the unique phenomenon. After heavy rain, which very rarely occurs there, a large number of people visit this place. The fact is that small red stones appear on the anthills, resembling drops of blood. These stones are the rarest variety of Anthill Garnet. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this mineral has an absolutely red vitreous luster without admixtures of brown shades. There is no information whether the ants are involved in the creation of the pomegranate or whether they built their nests on mineral deposits. But some lucky ones can bring home a small pebble of the rarest pomegranate in the world.


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