Silver ring with a small grain of natural garnet, pyrope

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Silver ring with a small grain of natural garnet, pyrope

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A harmonious symbiosis of grace and powerful energy - a silver ring with natural garnet

It is not easy to find jewelry that will be perfect for you. After all, it should not only attract the attention of others but also like you and be in harmony with your inner world. But Czech masters created a small jewelry masterpiece - a silver ring with a small grain of natural garnet.

The jewelry is made of high-quality silver, which also has an additional coating. Thanks to a thin protective layer, the metal retains its luster and excellent appearance over time. Also, silver has amazing properties. "Lunar" metal is able to favorably affect your body, stimulate metabolism, and effectively remove harmful substances from the body.

Natural garnet, selected as a gemstone, is not only a beautiful and beautifully cut mineral but also has a powerful energy. Esotericists believe that this stone is a symbol of passion - it is able to protect the owner from unhappy love, help to find sexuality, and become irresistible in the eyes of the opposite sex. In ancient times, it was also worn by women who intended to become a mother. And men wore jewelry with garnet, believing that it promotes effective blood coagulation and the speedy healing of wounds.

Interestingly, pyrope also has excellent healing properties. It is proved that this mineral has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, helps to normalize blood pressure. Besides, the garnet helps the endocrine and digestive systems to work efficiently.

The protector of the stone is the planet Mars, so the pyrope is perfect for those zodiac signs that are born under the symbol of fire. Leo and Sagittarius will be able to realize their potential and open hidden reserves. Also, the mineral is recommended for Scorpions and Virgo - this stimulates their sexuality and attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. Garnet is not recommended for Aries and Taurus - a stone loves energy, but these signs lack a sense of purpose, so they do not harmonize well with pyrope.

Together with an elegant silver ring with natural garnet, you will receive not only beautiful jewelry but also charm and a faithful helper.