Silver ring with oval topaz Swiss blue

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Stone Size:
8x6 mm
Stone Color:
Sky blue
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Silver ring with oval topaz Swiss blue

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A jewelry masterpiece that emphasizes your beauty and deep inner world - a silver ring with oval topaz Swiss blue

Jewelry is our little friends. They help us to feel confident, fascinate others, and see the delight in their eyes. Moreover, these are our defenders, which are charms that protect against troubles and allow us to achieve inner harmony. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose a decoration. Make the right decision - become the owner of a beautiful silver ring with oval topaz Swiss blue.

The product can boast of high-quality workmanship - here Czech jewelers did their best: a beautiful silver frame is distinguished by a noble brilliance and goes well with the beautiful radiance of sky blue topaz. The decoration can preserve this excellent appearance for a long time - a special rhodium-plated coating will take care to preserve the shine.

Silver was chosen as the basis for a great reason - the “lunar metal" not only looks beautiful but is also a powerful talisman. It is believed that silverware can drive away evil thoughts, effectively resist spoilage, the evil eye, bad wishes. Besides, it was often worn by sorcerers and magicians, suggesting that this would improve their gift of foresight. Today, silver is actively used to purify water. It is proved that metal ions positively affect the body and help it function effectively.

Sky blue Swiss blue topaz is a symbol of prudence, purity, and optimism. It has long been the patron saint of sailors and travelers, driving away longing and allowing you to make the right decision. Esotericists also believe that it allows you to develop intuition and help in achieving financial success.

Besides, the mineral has a positive effect on the body, stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, helping with poisoning, ulcers, nervous disorders, bronchopulmonary diseases, and depression. Women often wore jewelry with topaz, believing that it would help to heal from infertility and men - for the speedy healing of wounds.

Astrologers allow everyone to wear the stone, but it has the most beneficial effect on Sagittarius and Scorpio. Such a tandem can fully reveal and realize internal potential.

Make up your mind and become the proud owner of an exquisite silver ring with Swiss blue oval topaz thanks to our store.

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