Silver ring with heart shaped Sky Blue topaz

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Stone Size:
6x6 mm
Stone Color:
Sky blue
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Silver ring with heart shaped Sky Blue topaz

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Elegance in the hands and delight in the eyes of others - a charming silver ring with Sky blue topaz in the shape of a heart

Each of us has favorite things that are in harmony with his inner world. Most often this is what awakens pleasant memories and associations in us. But looking for “new favorites” is not easy. Especially when it comes to the jewelry world. However, along with our store, this way becomes easier - now you have the opportunity to become the owner of an elegant silver ring with Sky blue topaz in the shape of a heart.

The jewelry was created by the hands of Czech masters who showed all their professionalism in this product. A small jewelry masterpiece attracts the eye and is a great detail for creating the perfect look. No matter what image you choose today, a ring of noble metal with a sky-blue topaz of perfect cut will attract the enthusiastic looks of others. Also, the protective coating will take care of the perfect appearance, protecting the metal from scratches or darkening.

It is worth saying that silver is not just a noble metal. It has long been believed that silver jewelry can protect the owner from evil spirits, evil eye, libel, and other adversities. And with prolonged wear, even give the owner a predisposition to clairvoyance. Also, silver has a beneficial effect on our body, stimulating the work of internal organs and contributing to the effective removal of harmful substances.

Sky blue topaz, chosen as a decoration, is considered the patron saint of sailors and travelers. It is believed that it helps to avoid adversity, protects against bad thoughts, gives optimism, and the ability to make the right decisions in difficult situations. The mineral is a symbol of spiritual purity, joy, and prudence, and also has some healing properties. For example, it is used to strengthen immunity, protect against colds and pulmonary diseases, and help with poisoning and ulcers. It is believed that topaz promotes the speedy healing of wounds, and helps many women get rid of infertility and experience the joy of motherhood.

Astrologers claim that the mineral is best suited for the November signs - Scorpio and Sagittarius. In this case, the owner can quickly achieve financial success, win the favor of others and find inner harmony.

Take advantage of the best offer available on the market - buy a delicious silver ring with Sky blue topaz in the shape of a heart in our store.