Silver pendant Kate with garnet and zircons

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The power and greatness of a gem

The pendant is one of the most intriguing and seductive pieces of jewelry. Nothing attracts the eyes of men like a luxurious adornment flirtatiously directed into the depths of the neckline. Garnet is a stone of love and passion. From the ancient lovers exchanged these gems as a sign of love and fidelity. The jewelry will appeal to an enterprising and courageous woman who is not afraid to draw attention to herself. Garnet does not tolerate passive and dishonest people. It is a noble mineral with a strong aura that charges its owner with powerful energy.

The most expensive and reddest garnet

In the United States, there is a place at the junction of four states called the Four Corners. It is a very famous place among travelers. There are huge anthills that reach a height of three meters. After the rain, which almost never falls here, many people come to the "Four Corners". And all because small red stones appear on the nests. A very rare type of pomegranate is Anthill Garnet. It is an amazing stone that contains no shades of brown at all. Only absolutely red vitreous luster. Interestingly, grenades are not found in these parts. They are found only after rain and only in anthills. It is not known if the ants take any part in the creation of the gemstones or if they have already built their homes in the garnet deposits. Scientists have not yet found answers to these questions.

How to wear a Garnet pendant

Garnet is perfect for blondes or brunettes with blue or brown eyes and fair skin. This firestone will become the main focus of even the most modest image. It is recommended to wear jewelry in a casual style with outfits in red, black and brown shades. For an evening look, wear an evening dress with lace and neckline. Add garnet earrings to the ring for a particularly luxurious look.

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