Silver overlap ring with Swiss blue topaz

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Stone Size:
6x4 mm
Stone Color:
Swiss blue
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Silver overlap ring with Swiss blue topaz

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Feel the childish delight - admire the stylish silver ring and natural topaz Swiss blue

It is believed that a product will be of high quality only if its price is high. But this is not so, and our store proves the other point of view. Of course, you can find elaborate and tasteless expensive jewelry elsewhere, but why? After all, a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry will produce a much greater effect. Purchase a silver ring with natural Swiss blue topaz and feel its splendor.

For us, quality is our top priority. Therefore, Czech craftsmen chose a noble metal that attracts with its brilliance. This shine will remain for many years thanks to a special protective coating of rhodium, which protects against scratches and turbidity.

Also, silver has many useful properties. For example, metal ions contribute to efficient metabolism, help normalize the functioning of internal organs, and remove toxins from the body. Esotericists believe that silver has great power and is an excellent amulet from evil spoilage, spoilage, evil eye, unkind wishes. And with prolonged wearing, the owner can even gain the gift of foresight - not without reason, many sorcerers, sorcerers, and magicians wore such jewelry.

Elegant sky blue topaz Swiss blue attracts attention at a glance. Fine cut guarantees an excellent play of light and a clean and deep color is achieved through high-tech heat treatment.

Topaz also has unique magical properties. From ancient times, this mineral was considered a symbol of spiritual purity, nobility, and optimism. It is believed that it helps the owner to drive away longing, gain strong intuition, and win the favor of others. The mineral even slows down the aging process and helps the owner find a second youth. Moreover, healers often used topaz to fight pulmonary diseases, strengthen immunity, speed the healing of wounds, and as an effective remedy for infertility.

Astrologers note that this stone is suitable for all signs of the zodiac. But best of all, the mineral is in harmony with Scorpio and Sagittarius born in November. In this case, the owner can fully realize the internal potential, achieve financial independence, and become irresistible in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Feel the positive effect of jewelry right now - order an exquisite silver ring with natural Swiss blue topaz in our store.