Silver delicate drop earrings with garnet, pyrope

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Garnet - a symbol of love and passion

Refined garnet drop-shaped earrings will be a good gift for your girlfriend. The decoration can be presented as a sign of high position, respect and friendship. Earrings are made of high quality rhodium plated silver. Rhodium is a precious metal that is much stronger than platinum. It gives silver a white sheen and protects it from damage. In addition, rhodium plating makes the earrings hypoallergenic and protects the skin from redness and inflammation. This jewelry can be worn by children and people prone to allergies.

Firestone magic

The first mention of the garnet is in the Bible. According to legend, it was the garnet that decorated the mast of the ark and illuminated Noah's path in the darkness of the Flood. Since then, the gem has been considered a talisman for travelers; they often took it with them to return home unharmed. The ancient Mongols considered garnet to be the frozen blood of dragons; they believed that the stone endows its owner with courage and attracts wealth to him. The ancient Persians considered garnet a stone of power and depicted portraits of great rulers on pomegranates. Pyrope jewelry was acquired by representatives of the nobility in the Middle Ages and passed on from generation to generation. It was believed that garnet enhances its properties when worn by members of the same family. Garnet is a noble stone that does not tolerate thieves and dishonest people. There is an Italian legend, according to which, one thief stole jewelry from a pomegranate, when he was caught, people found that the stones in the jewelry had faded and turned into ordinary pebbles.

Who needs to carry a garnet

A fiery color stone will suit a passionate and sensual nature. The garnet has a powerful energy and a strong aura; it does not tolerate passive and lazy people. Garnet is often chosen by actors, artists and dancers. It gives creative people inspiration and charges them with positive energy. Garnet helps impulsive and hot-tempered people to cope with passions, pacifies them and gives peace of mind. Astrologers recommend wearing a garnet to people born in the element of fire - Leo, Capricorn and Aries. It is these signs that the stone favors most.

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