Set of silver heart shaped jewelry with garnet, pyrope

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Stone Size:
6 mm
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Material: 925 sterling silver

Earrings Stone Size: 6 mm

Earring Weight: 1.7 g

Earrings Type: English Lock

Pendant stone size: 6 x 15 mm

Pendant Weight: 0.8 g

Brand Name: A-B

Production: Czech Republic

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Silver and garnet – Sun and Moon of jewelry art

The cold moonlight of silver and the hot sun of garnet combined in this impeccable decoration and created a blowing contrasts. A heart-shaped Czech pyrope is framed by high-quality 925 sterling silver and coated with a thin layer of rhodium. Rhodium is a popular method of protecting silver from blackening, oxidation, staining, and deformation. This valuable metal of the platinum group has hypoallergenic properties, gives the metal a noble shine and protects it from damage.

Earrings weighing 1.7 gram, with a 6 mm grenade insert and an English clasp – a great example of reliability and sophistication. An elegant pendant will be a good addition to this ensemble. The kit can be worn every day. It creates a complete image and does not need other accents. Garnet is a bright stone that shimmers in the sun and is visible even under the hair. Earrings and a pendant go well with a red, burgundy or black evening dress. It can be worn with clothes in white, pink or brown for a daily look.

The magic properties of garnet

Garnet or pyrope - a symbol of love, fidelity and passion. Lovers gave each other a stone as a sign of sincere and real feelings. The garnet was worn by the knights in the hilt of their sword, because it gives courage and luck in battle. Creative people wear garnets to get inspiration. Pyrope enhances immunity, fills with optimism, excitement, drives away melancholy and despondency. This stone must be worn by active and energetic people. The element of red pomegranate is Fire, and the planet is the patron saint of Mars, therefore it is recommended for people born under the signs of Sagittarius, Virgo, Aries and Leo.

Care for garnet jewelry

  • The garnet stone is very durable, but you should protect it from deformation and shock.
  • Store jewelry in a dark, dry place (in a soft cloth or box cased with velvet).
  • Remove jewelry in the pool, at sea, gym and sauna.
  • Keep away from heat and sudden changes in temperature. Do not keep the product near the heater.
  • Wear garnet after applying body cream, hair spray, or perfume.
  • Avoid spilling alcohol, chemicals, and household chemicals on the jewelry.
  • Wash the product in warm, soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Take off your home decorations before bedtime and cleaning. It is better if you wear them just before going out.

Do not brush your jewelry with toothpaste, powder, soda, salt, alcohol or a brush!

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