Women's Silver Stud Earrings with white Pearls
Code: CS-4687

Women's Silver Stud Earrings with white Pearls

Code: CS-4687

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Pearl earrings
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 7 mm × 0 mm


Women's Silver Earrings with Pearls

Code: 4687
Type: Women's Silver Earrings
Stone: Pearls

Weight: 1.3 gr
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Full Description 

Silver Swarovski Pearl Earrings - Affordable Luxury

Silver earrings with Swarovski white pearl. The diameter of the earring is 6 mm. Earrings have a screw fastening. The material is 925/1000 silver. Earrings have a pure rhodium finish.These neat silver pearl earrings are the must-have in each box. They are minimalistic, with no extra details and a classic pearl color so they are suitable for any look.

How To Wear Silver Earrings With Pearls

Since these earrings are universal, you can pick up a variety of looks. They are relevant almost anywhere, anytime. Here are some combination ideas:

  • Daily.

These small earrings with a diameter of 6 mm can be worn at least every day. They will suit both a sundress on a summer day, and a winter hat and a sweater. In any case, you will look elegant.

  • Evening.

Even if the sudden news that you need to be ready for an important evening event overtook you, you will always have something to wear. After all, you have a classic earrings with pearls. They fit any dress or costume and you can safely add a necklace, ring or bracelet.

  • Strict.

Gathered for a meeting or business meeting? These earrings emphasize the severity of the look without the excesses. They look expensive and reserved, as jewelry from the collection of the royal family. If a date is waiting for you in the evening, add a bright pearl necklace to the earrings and shine!

How to care for earrings with Swarovski pearls

These earrings will definitely not be idle. You may even have to give them to your daughter or granddaughter. Therefore, in advance, make sure that they retain their original appearance for a long time and take care of them properly. Here are some rules on how to preserve their beauty:

  • Avoid excessive heat.

The sun's rays harm not only your skin, but also your jewelry. If you wear earrings on a sunny day, nothing terrible will happen. But do not often wear them on the beach and on too hot days. Also, do not store jewelry near household appliances that are heated.

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics and household products.

Apply perfume and lotions before putting on earrings. Try to prevent any cosmetic products from falling on the jewelry. Also take off them before cleaning.

  • Avoid moisture.

Do not wear earrings where they are exposed to water: on the beach, in the shower, in the gym, and so on. If you have wetted the earrings, try to wipe them immediately with a dry cloth.

  • Cleansing.

Wipe the jewelry with a dry cloth each time you take it off. Never clean with hard brushes, dishwashing detergents or other chemicals that are not intended for cleaning jewelry.

Our jewelry is designed to make girls feel beautiful and confident. Wear them the way you want it and do not forget to care for jewelry!

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