Women's Silver Snake Chain Bracelet
Code: CS-5324

Women's Silver Snake Chain Bracelet

Code: CS-5324

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Women's Silver Bracelet

Code: 5324
Type: Women's Silver Bracelet

Weight: 2.4 gr
15 GBP
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Full Description 

Silver round brass bracelet. The weight of an 18 cm bracelet is 2.42 g. We offer sizes 17 18 19 20. The material is 925/1000 silver.

Women's Silver Bracelet


Classic silver bracelet just has to be with you. It is made of pure silver and is suitable for any look. Let's look at how to wear it.


How to wear a classic silver bracelet

Base silver bracelet can be combined with anything. You can wear it in the office or for a walk. You need to be able to properly combine it with other jewelry and looks. Here are a few ideas:

  • Holidays and parties.

The minimalistic bracelet is perfect for any dress. Wear it in a set with various jewelry, combine with small and large jewelry. Do not wear all the bright jewelry, select the focus on one.

  • Looks for every day.

The bracelet can be worn every day, combining with a variety of jewelry. To it you can add only a pair of low-key rings or a chain. You can also hang pendants directly on the bracelet.

  • Brave looks.

Bright jewelry is stylish now, so combine a classic bracelet with a massive bright one, wear many jewelry at once on one hand .. But don’t try to wear everything at once, adding all shades. Choose a pair of flowers and wear clothes without prints.


How to care for a basic bracelet

When silver jewelry loses its luster, darkens and becomes covered with film, this does not mean low quality of metal and stones. This is a natural process for natural silver, if you are not used to taking care of jewelry. Here are the basic rules for caring for your bracelet and other jewelry from your box:


  • After removal, always wipe the jewelry with a dry cloth or soaked in soapy water. Be sure to wipe dry after cleaning.

  • Do not clean jewelry with abrasive products that may scratch them.

  • Clean the jewelry at home or take it to the jewelry store for cleaning.

  • Scuffing and scratching. Do not wear jewelry before cleaning, playing sports, doing housework or any other activities where you can accidentally damage the jewelry.

  • Chemicals away from jewelry: nail polish must be stored separately, and household products do not fall on jewelry.


Do not forget to follow all these rules and be sure to wear jewelry as you like, despite all the rules. Express yourself and feel beautiful and confident in our jewelry!


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