Women's Silver Ring with yellow Swarovski Pearl
Code: CS-6200

Women's Silver Ring with yellow Swarovski Pearl

Code: CS-6200

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Women's Silver Ring with Pearl

Code: 6200
Type: Women's Silver Ring
Stone: Pearl

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Full Description 

Silver Ring with Pearl

Silver ring with Swarovski pearl gold. The diameter of the bead is 8 mm. The material is 925/1000 silver.

Silver ring with pearls is a classic. It should be in the box for every girl, regardless of age. If you do not have any, feel free to buy and combine with different looks.


How to wear pearls

Pearls make its owners look more elegant. Pearls are always useful to you if you go to work in an office or to an important event. You can wear it even with casual outfits. Earlier, pearls can only be found on extremely wealthy ladies, but today every girl who knows a lot about fashion can afford it.

  • Pearls in the office: add refinement to the working routine.

Add a ring and earrings with pearls to your usual office suit and you will see how much your look will change. If you do not have a strict dress code and you are wearing more simple things, choose plain colored straight cut and wear minimalistic jewelry.

  • Pearls at evening events.

Pearl jewelry is suitable for classic strict black dresses, and bright open. Choose pearls according to your clothes. If your neck and neckline are open, you can wear a vulgar pearl necklace and ring. The ring will complement the look, but will not overload it.

  • Pearls in casual.

Pearls are not just for official events! It can be perfectly combined with jeans, blouses, simple dresses and T-shirts, if you choose the right combination. If you are wearing jeans with a t-shirt or top, choose a simple cut and plain fabric. Then the look will look stylish and elegant with pearls.

If you want to combine earrings, rings and a necklace in the same pearl, you should carefully select each piece of jewelry. Do not overload the look - if all at once, then minimalist neat earrings and rings. Only one item can be vulgar.


How to care for a ring with pearls


The silver ring is most often in contact with the skin, so you need to take care of it more carefully. Here are some rules to follow:

avoid contact with water: do not wear the ring in the shower, gym, on the beach, etc .;

Avoid contact with chemicals: household cleaners, cosmetics (perfume, lotions), etc .;

store properly - in special soft bags or in a box, where the ring does not come into contact with other jewelry and is not scratched.

Wear the ring as you like. Combine with our other pearl jewelry to create a complete look!





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