Women's Silver Ring with Swarovski Sweet Peach Crystal
Code: CS-3592

Women's Silver Ring with Swarovski Sweet Peach Crystal

Code: CS-3592

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski rings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 10 mm

Jewelry: ring
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): other colors
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

Weight: 3.2 gr
28 USD
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Dámsky strieborný prsteň s krištáľom Swarovski Sweet Peach - pic 1Dámsky strieborný prsteň s krištáľom Swarovski Sweet Peach - pic 2Dámsky strieborný prsteň s krištáľom Swarovski Sweet Peach - pic 3Dámsky strieborný prsteň s krištáľom Swarovski Sweet Peach - pic 4
Full Description 

Silver ring with Swarovski crystal of light peach color. Crystal size - 10 mm. These gems are coated with pure rhodium, which does not cause allergies. We also offer earrings or pendant to the ring.

925 Silver ring  with Swarovski crystal 10x10mm.

When choosing a regular accessory, fashionable women especially carefully study their belongings: shoes, accessories, jewelry and watches, design items. Indeed, in the variety of your favorite sparkling elements, no wonder and get lost. For example, the central attraction element of this silver ring: Swarovski crystal uses a relatively new "flickering" effect, a new product in 2018. If the similar effect of “Northern Lights”, designated AB, developed by the houses of Dior and Swarovski, has been known for 60 years, then such novelties, which appeared with the light hand of young designers and chemists, require careful examination. The stone used for the ring has a fancy rounded cut and the effect of Peridot SHIM (214). A similar effect is already used in Swarovski's beads and rhinestones (glue and attached) of almost any shape and size, so you can easily find a good piece decorated with similar rhinestones for this ringlet. According to the recommendations of Swarowski Professional, this crystal can be combined with any other transparent and colored stones with the effect of "shine".

In addition, these "crystals" are already actively used in the creation of nail trends, including "green" manicure or manicure in the style of steampunk, and this ring may well once again emphasize the elegance and grooming of your fingers and nails. Rainbow color allows you to combine decoration with any products of the Swarowski Remix collection with a coating of white rhodium. In our store you can also pick up earrings with crystals of similar shape, size and color.

Particularly well, such objects show their beauty in motion: the ring can play beautifully in combination with a dance and sporting suit, evening or cocktail dress, light summer or spring dresses, in which you rush through the city early in the morning on a weekday.

The rhodium coating applied to the sterling alloy of the highest standard (925) improves the color of the ring - the platinum group metal is distinguished by a lighter color close to white gold. It is more wear-resistant, prevents accidental scratches, does not darken over time when it comes into contact with the skin.

Ring Selection and Product Care

Resizing a ring can cause irreversible changes in the rhodium layer, so choose a ring solely by size. When worn properly, the crystal remains transparent and does not lose its 3D flicker. The surface of the crystal and the ring does not require special care. It should be protected from household chemicals and solvents. To clean, rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth.

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