Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami
Code: SP51E

Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami

Code: SP51E

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Pearl earrings
Gift ideas for holidays
St. Valentine's day gifts
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0.5 mm × 0 mm

SP51E - Women silver earrings with pearls AG 925/1000

Weight: 2.8 gr
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21 GBP
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Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami - pic 1Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami - pic 2Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami - pic 3Dámske strieborné náušnice zo srdca s broskyňovými perlami - pic 4
Full Description 

Stylized Pearl Cloves with Zircon - Best Price

An important event should take place very soon, where people and colleagues close to you will gather. It is extremely important to choose the right outfit - the image should be stylish and sophisticated. The dress has already been selected and now you should think about the appropriate jewelry. It should be elegant and modest at the same time, emphasizing your sensuality, grace and inner purity.

The best choice in this situation will be women's silver earrings with pearls. The noble metal is decorated with a thin pattern in the form of leaves and the pearl will emphasize the strength and purity of your inner world. These earrings made by Czech jewelers are really capable of captivating the attention of others, but this is not intentional, but natural. And even after the event is over, earrings can be worn almost every day. Neat design perfectly feat with casual wear.

Pearls - a stone for the pure hearts

Each gem has its own history and energy. And all over the world it is believed that pearls are a sign of purity, innocence, as well as prosperity and well-being. A woman with such jewelry is a symbol of perfection.

Moreover, it is believed that this stone is able to protect the owner from the possibility of unrequited love, and its contemplation sets the psyche in a positive way, gives the owner inner peace and emotional balance. It also said that the decoration protects the owner from the evil eye and thieves.

In addition, pearls have positive properties for the body - since ancient times pearls have been used to treat diseases of the ears and eyes. It is believed that the gem also helps with diseases of the kidneys and the digestive system and nervous disorders, and also contributes to the normalization of pressure.

Amazing silver earrings with pearls are waiting for you in the online store Zlatkaeu

There are many reasons why this jewelry should be in your collection.

Elegance and style. Elegant design with a noble pearl will emphasize the sensuality of nature and attract the attention of others;

Versatility. Stylish decoration is great for special occasions and for everyday events;

Durability. A special protective coating on the earrings will help to maintain their excellent appearance for a long time;

A question of several days. That is how much operational service delivery is required for you to become the happy owner of this decoration. And the cost of jewelry will nicely surprise you.

Earrings with pearls - the choice of a real woman: a delightful and elegant.

Bought two pairs of earrings for my sister in law for her birthday, she loved them both! The seller has great communication and answered questions very quickly.
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