Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski
Code: CS-4830

Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski

Code: CS-4830

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski earrings
Gift ideas for holidays
St. Valentine's day gifts
Pearl earrings
Dangling Earring
English lock
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 8 mm × 15 mm

Jewelry: Earrings
Destination: for women
color of stone (pearls): yellow
kind of stone (pearls): Swarovski

Weight: 3.2 gr
29 GBP
23 GBP
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Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski - pic 1Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski - pic 2Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski - pic 3Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski - pic 4Dámske strieborné náušnice so žltou perlou Swarovski - pic 5
Full Description 

Silver earrings with Swarovski pearls - universal decoration

Silver earrings with Swarovski pearls, gold color. Pearl size 8 mm. The total height of the earrings is 15 mm. The material is silver 925/1000. Earrings have a clean rhodium coating.

Every girl should have earrings, regardless of age. You can have large classic rings or stylish geometric ones but Swarovski classic silver earrings with pearls will always be useful to you.

How to wear pearl earrings

The uniqueness of these earrings in their color; a golden hue makes them non-dull and allows you to combine different looks. A small crystal complements it and makes it fancy.

Here are some ideas on how to wear silver earrings with pearls:

  • Hairstyle.

Pick the right hairstyle for these earrings. Do not do too complicated styling. Earrings decorate your natural look so much that they do not require bright hair and makeup.

Tie up your hair and go for a walk or dissolve the hair and go to a party. All this will complement the elegant earrings with golden pearls.

  • Clothing.

These earrings are perfect for delicate looks, including dresses and shoes. You can also wear them in casual wear: jeans or trousers, shirts and blouses.

Due to the small size of the earrings, you can combine them with different types of clothing. Wearing them in the morning to work with a modest costume, you can easily leave them for the evening to a cocktail dress.


How to care for earrings with pearls

This earring model is made of silver, pearls and crystals, therefore it requires proper care. Observe these rules so that your jewelry will delight you with its original appearance for many years.

  • Do regular cleanings.

Jewelry needs regular cleaning once a year with special products. You can give them to a jewelry store or clean it yourself.

It is also necessary to wipe the jewelry after each use with a special cloth. If this is not done, dirt and sebum will accumulate on the surface, forming a film.

  • Do not wet the jewelry.

Avoid getting liquid on the jewelry. Do not carry them to the gym, sauna, beach, etc. If you notice moisture on the earrings, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.

  • Do not wear constantly.

Chemicals should not be allowed to fall on jewelry. take off them at home when cleaning or preparing to leave, so that detergents or perfume will not spoil the earrings.

Also do not forget to store the earrings in the right place. This can be any box or stand, in which they are not scratched. Earrings should not come into contact with other jewelry. It is better if they are in special soft bags.

Beautiful earrings! Excellent service! Thanks so much! Great transaction!
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