Women's silver earrings in the shape of triangles with zircons
Code: SP-SE019

Women's silver earrings in the shape of triangles with zircons

Code: SP-SE019

Short Description

Zirconia earrings
Dangling Earring
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 14 mm × 28 mm

Material: 925/1000 silver, zircons
Finish: rhodium (black, glossy and white gold)
Mount: pouceta
Surface: glossy
Size: 28x14 mm
Weight: 5.6 g


Weight: 56 gr
24 EUR
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Женские серебряные серьги в форме треугольников с цирконами - pic 1
Full Description 

Czech zircon earrings - shine brighter than stars

Joy for the eyes and delight for others

Yesterday an amazing event happened - a meeting of university graduates five years later. And you saw her there again. She was beautiful: a light evening dress, a stylish hairstyle and amazing earrings that accentuate the magical brilliance of her eyes. Without a doubt, that night she was an ideal and everyone around looked at her with admiration.

A great contribution to the creation of this ideal look was made by women`s silver earrings with zircons, made by Czech jewelers. The elegant triangular shape and the exquisite shine of the precious metal are able to attract and captivate at a glance. Any look will be perfect if you add such exquisite details. And the real secret is in the azure zircon, a charming play of light reminiscent of a diamond.

Stone with amazing energy

The second name of zircon is the stone of the morning dawn, and it is highly valued by esoteric for its powerful magical abilities. It is believed that zircon symbolizes wisdom and is able to give its owner a strong intuition and insightful mind. In addition, it identifies the weakest point in the protection of a person and directs all the energy there. Together with such jewelry, it is easy to achieve inner and emotional balance - it was no wonder that this stone was used by yogis for meditation.

Due to the original structure of zircon crystals, the stone is able to favorably affect health, stimulating the work of the liver, pituitary and thyroid gland. Together with this jewelry, a woman acquires an aura of mystery and sexuality, and is also protected from unrequited love. The stone smoothes wrinkles, promotes weight loss and normalization of appetite. Moreover, it reliably protects the owner from bad dreams, the evil eye and fraudsters. The patron saint of zircon is Jupiter, and it is best suited to Aries, Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius.

You can buy triangular earrings with zircons in the Zlatkaeu online store

Obviously, it is best to buy women's silver earrings with zircons in our store. Then you will be satisfied at 100%.

·         Elegance in the hands. Graceful forms, magic shine and elegant frames guarantee attention from others at any event. With this decoration, your look will be perfect;

·         Reliability. Earrings will keep their amazing view for many years. And all thanks to a special coating of rhodium, which protects against scratches and mechanical damage;

·         Internal delight. Even your body will say thank you, because zircon has a positive effect on many organs and improve mood;

·         A couple of clicks. A few seconds, and the order is issued. And the operational delivery service guarantees that it will be at the client in just a few days.

Create a magical look, alluring and enthusiastic.

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